The #1 Reason Why You May Be Leaving Money on the Table in Your Coaching Business

No matter where you are in your journey with your coaching practice, your goals likely include building a profitable business, but what you may not know is that you are likely leaving money on the table.

One of the issues Karen Pattock and I see a lot is coaches who are eager and excited to help people, but they quickly feel frustrated when they feel like their message is falling flat with their audience.  This means they hear crickets on social media and people are not enrolling in their paid programs. 

It’s been our experience that the coaches who are struggling the most to get clients fall into one of these 3 categories.

  1. They believe they are experienced and knowledgeable in many areas of health and wellness, so they believe they are doing themselves a disservice if they narrow their focus down to just one.
  1. They believe that a more general practice that speaks to health and wellness as a whole, rather than narrowing down to one niche, is a recipe for greater profit.
  1. They believe that they don’t have enough knowledge in any one area to be known as an ‘expert’ so they live in a space of imposter syndrome which prevents them from choosing a niche to become known for one thing.

What we’ve learned by working with thousands of coaches and wellness business owners over the years is that each one of these areas leads to you leaving money on the table. In other words, you aren’t nearly as profitable as you want to be not because of a lack of potential clients but rather a lack of clarity of who and how you serve.

When you’re clear on that everything else that is required to grow a thriving practice will fall into place pretty easily.

In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 main reasons wellness business owners are struggling to get clients, (which is easily reversed once you know which one you are dealing with at the moment)
  • How to flip the script from focusing on your marketing from your point of view to a better strategy that includes building your marketing message from your ideal client’s point of view
  • The #1 reason you’re leaving money on the table in your wellness business and what you can do to correct it

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