Secrets to Structuring Livestreams for Your Wellness Business

Would you like to know the secrets to structuring livestreams for your wellness business, so you feel more confident, prepared and you have people showing up?

When it comes to using livestreaming video for your wellness business, we tend to hear a few very common questions: “What should I talk about on a livestream?”, “What should I lead people to do next?”, and “Should I have an outline? Or just wing it?”. If you’ve ever yourself one of these questions, be sure to keep reading!

Our guest on this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast is Luria Petrucci from Live Streaming Pros. Luria is one of our all-time favorite livestream video mentors, which is why we had to have her on!  I’ve learned so much from Luria, and I know you will too!

Let’s face it – Going live can be super intimidating, but as Luria will tell us, if you prepare ahead of time and know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, the whole process will feel a lot more comfortable and manageable.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to get the best results from your livestreams
  • The recommended length of time to go live
  • The perfect live “show flow” (outline to guide you) 
  • How to get more people to show up when you go live
  • Whether or not you should sell on your livestreams

And MUCH more!   

Whether you want to learn how to get started with live video, or you’re ready to up your game, don’t miss this interview with Luria.

Happy listening!

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