How to Run Lower-Cost, High-Converting Facebook Ads Using Video Views – With Zach Spuckler

If you’d like to know how you can run lower-cost, high-converting Facebook ads, using your video view audience (people who have watched videos on your Facebook page) is one fantastic way to do it! This a strategy most people aren’t aware of, and our guest is walking us through it, step by step, so you can do it too.   

We are lucky to have Zach Spuckler, a Facebook ads expert and founder of Heart, Soul & Hustle, joining us to talk about using this very efficient and cost-effective way to run Facebook ads by targeting a warm audience of people who have watched all or some of the videos on your Facebook page.

Video views and look alike audiences are one of the best strategies to include as part of your Facebook ads strategy right now. This allows you to warm up your audience first which is so important.  We know that people need those multiple touchpoints and exposures to you before they take an action, so what Zach talked about in this episode is a fantastic way to do that.

You’ll get the inside scoop on:

  • The importance of video views on your Facebook page and why this benefits your cost and results of your ads
  • Whether you can use this strategy to encourage people to buy your paid program or if you should only use it for email list building
  • The typical cost with video view ads (you’ll be amazed!)
  • The power of look-alike audiences and how it turbo-charges the size and quality of the audience that can see your ad
  • Whether you can implement these strategies with live or prerecorded videos

If you have ever had any questions about running Facebook ads for your business or how to optimize your existing ads, you’ll want to listen to this episode!

Karen was kind enough to do a video walk through for you on how to set up your audiences inside your Facebook ads dashboard.

How to Set UP a Facebook Custom Audience and Look-alike Audience Demonstration.

Oh, and be sure to grab Zach’s 5-Step Facebook Setup Audit in the resource links below.

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