What to Give Clients When You Can’t Give Them a Meal Plan

Meal plans can be a great value-added service for your clients, but what do you do if you live somewhere that meal plans do not fit into your scope of practice?

You’ll be happy to know that our guest has the perfect solution for you!

In this episode, our guest, Ashley Sauve from That Clean Life, shares how you can still provide great resources for your clients even if you can’t offer ‘meal plans.”

In this episode you will discover…

  • Why there are situations when giving meal plans are not an option and what to do about
  • How you can professionally handle what to give clients when you can’t give them a meal plan, so you immediately position yourself as a valued resource
  • How to use recipe guides as a main staple in your coaching programs and why they always set your clients up for success
  • The quickest and easiest way to create professionally designed, brand-specific recipe guides for your business so you aren’t spending hours trying to do it on your own

Figuring out what to provide your clients without giving them meal plans isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and after tuning in to this episode you’ll know exactly how to create plans that will help your clients achieve success and ultimately grow your business!

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