Launch a Life-Changing

30-Day Mind-Body Health Coaching Program

that Quickly Builds More Profit Into Your Business

And leaves your participants READY and EXCITED to enroll in your longer-term coaching program as the next step!


Did you know…

Many of your ideal clients are feeling stressed, anxious and burned out and this is often the underlying reason why they aren’t achieving their goals on their own.

They feel stuck, frustrated and confused about what to do and they need YOUR help.

What if YOU could be their hero by providing them with a complete road map along with your support to help them start getting the results they want?

As wellness professionals, we know that there is a huge mind-body component to making lasting lifestyle changes, and managing STRESS is more important now than ever.

If you are leaving this element out of your coaching, you are doing your clients a disservice AND you are leaving money on the table.

People need your support to make changes and you can be ready to help them RIGHT NOW with this easy to implement Mind Body transformation program!

Introducing the…

30 Day Mind-Body Reset

Calm your mind, rejuvenate your body and renew your spirit!

Hi, I’m Kathleen LeGrys, founder and owner of Health Coach Solutions and co-host of The Wellness Business Podcast.

I ran many online group coaching programs with my clients over the years and it’s one of the best ways to introduce people to what you do and have them take the next step with you in the customer journey.

You probably already know that business and marketing experts stress the importance of having a low-cost, entry-level program to build your business.

It’s the gateway that gets your audience into your sales funnel for something they WANT (at a no-brainer price that makes it very easy to say yes).

And once they buy from you, they stay and buy over and over again because they now trust you! Hello repeat customers!  

You probably also realize addressing the stress your ideal clients are experiencing is important, but you might not have the time or know how to put an entire program together on your own.

I get it, believe me! It takes months and easily 100+ hours to create a high-quality coaching program that also gets results for your clients that keeps them coming back for more AND referring their friends.

With this fully customizable, pre-made program, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to share simple and easy-to-implement solutions, so your participants can prioritize their self-care and reduce stress in 30 days, even if they think they’re too busy.

The good news is that self-care has become a mainstream topic over the past couple of years and people are starting to understand the impact that stress and lack of self-care has on every part of their health, including disease and their immune system. 

“When self-care is regularly practiced, the benefits are broad and have even been linked to positive health outcomes such as reduced stress, improved immune system, increased productivity, and higher self-esteem.”


This exclusive done-for-you online group program is designed to help your participants transform their mind, body and spirit, so they feel more calm, less stressed and more in alignment with their purpose and priorities.

Here’s what is covered in this life-changing 30-Day program:


Week One: Create the Perfect Self Care Program for You

Simple self-care routines to reduce stress, practice self-love and find calm and balance. This session will walk your clients through the benefits of self-care, why it should be a priority and how they can ditch the guilt and find a routine they actually enjoy that works best for them.  


Week Two: Set Intentions & Boundaries for More Joy, Fulfillment & Happiness

Your clients will learn how to find more joy by creating a more intentional life that focuses on them and their needs while still giving back in ways that align with their goals, priorities and dreams.


Week Three: The Food/Mood Connection & Mindful Eating

Discover how certain foods can affect your mood, cognitive function, bloating, etc. Your clients will discover how diet and lifestyle have a direct impact on the health of their gut and the nervous system which will empower them to make the best food choices for themselves as they learn to tune into how foods make them feel. 


Week Four: Creating Habits & Routines that Last

Clients will be empowered to stick to their new goals and habits rather than falling into the pattern of quitting and starting over time and time again. They will set themselves up for long-term success.

Wow! This is incredible.

I have purchased some done-for-you content in the past from other sources, but your package kind of blows them all away.  It literally covers EVERYTHING; Promotion, launching, and content during the program, including extras like Facebook live scripts, etc – it’s all there! The slide decks are just beautiful.

It would have taken me months to put this together on my own. Now I have everything I need and I will feel proud to offer this program to my clients!!!

Jocelyn Boothby

I Love it!

I have never had such a proper step-by-step launch plan and I can’t wait to give it a try. I can now see where I have gone wrong in the past.

It’s set out very well and all the steps will be easy to follow – everything is there to make it a success.

You provided a thorough program for us, especially from a business point of view.


Nicki Kelly

It’s like Kathleen is in my head and knows EXACTLY the kind of content I not only love to coach about but also the right thing my clients NEED to make real and sustainable change.

I am so impressed with how chock full this program is. It has beautiful images and on point content. I love all of the expert information. And the Canva templates for customizing are amazing!!

Kathleen has listened to her customers and has given us exactly what we want- and need. Right down to marketing tools, sales emails, and step by step tech…and so much more. I couldn’t be happier or more excited to use this phenomenal program.

Thank you, Kathleen, for all you have done for my business! You are the BEST!!

Shonda Palmer

Get the 30 Day Mind-Body Reset Today

This program is 100% digital, so no physical products will be sent to you.

30 Day Mind-Body Reset:

Calm your mind, rejuvenate your body and renew your spirit

Here’s what you get with this comprehensive ready-to-go program:


A complete plug-in and profit health coaching system.

Get ready to share a 30-Day program that will set participants up for success and get them ready to enroll in one of your longer-term programs.


A detailed getting started guide, launch guide & video tutorials.

You’ll know exactly what to do every step of the way. You’ll get step-by-step guides and video tutorials to make it easy to set up, promote and deliver a successful program.


4 Comprehensive Transformational Topics

All you need to do is brand this as your own, and you’re ready to go!  Everything is fully customizable and can be edited to fit your niche. You’ll receive slide decks in Canva AND Google Slides – one for each weekly topic. You can either record the slide decks ahead of time and upload them to your group, or you can deliver them live.


A high-converting sales page template.

Easily convey the value and benefits of your program for potential participants with a  customizable sales page template. Just personalize it and you’re ready to go.


Promotional Emails

A complete set of 5 customizable promotional emails, so you have no guesswork at all about how to promote this high-value program to your subscribers.


Social Media Posts

Ready for you to share with your audience to build a buzz and fill your program.


Stunning Graphics

Customize the graphics to fit your branding. You’ll be able to easily change up the look and colors in the free version of Canva (you will receive access to the Canva templates).


Facebook Group Posts

Facebook Group Posts  – Your Facebook group (or other online forum of your choice) will be your hub for your 30-day program, so you’ll have all the content you need for your group too.


Facebook Live Scripts

Boost engagement and interaction in your group while allowing members to get to connect with you on a deeper level through live video. Livestreaming is optional with this program, but it’s one of the quickest ways for participants to get to know you and trust you. The scripts will boost your confidence because you’ll know exactly what to say when you host weekly live Q and A sessions.



You’ll get access to my private, customer-only Facebook group for support, and networking with other coaches, so you can quickly get answers to your questions.

And all graphics are fully customizable in Canva!

You’ll also get these awesome BONUSES worth $185!

Bonus #1 – Customizable Food/Mood Journal Pages ($29 value)


Since tuning in to how foods make you feel is important, having a handy food/mood  journal for your participants will make it easy for them to track and they will appreciate that you’re providing this helpful resource for them. They can print out the journal pages and use one for each day. 

Bonus #2 – Free 30-Day Meal Garden Trial  ($45 value)


To make it easy to provide a selection of healthy recipes for your participants, you will receive a free 30-Day trial to Meal Garden’s recipe and menu planning platform.  This will instantly add more value to your program!

Bonus #3 – Customizable Gratitude Journal Pages ($29 value)


Focusing on gratitude is an important part of the mind-body program, and your participants will love your customizable gratitude journal pages which will make it easy for them to apply this new habit. 

Bonus #4 – Video Tutorials to Make Set-up a Breeze ($97 value)


You’ll have access to step-by-step video tutorials for setting up your sales page and emails in the free version of MailerLite and how to easily customize the graphics and slide decks in Canva.

NOTE: You can use any landing page or email provider of your choice, but tutorials are included for MailerLite since it’s one of the most popular choices for health coaches.

Get the 30 Day Mind-Body Reset package today!

You might be wondering…

What do coaches charge for this program?

There is always a wide range of prices that are charged due to experience level and if anything else will be included (such as recipes, Zoom calls, etc.) but this type of program is intended to be a lower-priced, introductory offer since you are running it as an online group program. This means you can have more people join and it doesn’t involve 1-on-1 coaching from you.  Typically, coaches charge anywhere between $37 – $97 for a 30 day program and use it as a lead into the next coaching program which is longer and higher priced.

Do I need to have a website to run this?

No, you do not need to have a website (many coaches don’t). You do need an email marketing service (such as MailerLite or something comparable) and a way to create a landing page for people to sign up and pay you. You will get access to video tutorials for setting everything up using MailerLite (their free version) and then any questions you have can be posted in the customer support Facebook group. If you don’t already have an email marketing service, you can start with MailerLite for free (up to 1,000 subscribers).  If you are already using a different email marketing service, you can use that.

Can I do this even if I haven’t run an online program before?

Definitely! Between the detailed program content and step-by-step tutorials, you will know exactly what to do every step of the way.  Whenever you have questions, you can post in the customer support group to get a quick answer.  Easy, breezy!

Will I know how to promote my 30-day program?

Of course! You will also receive a guide that includes proven ways to promote and market your program, so you get as many people enrolled as possible. You will also get promotional sales emails and social media posts.

Still on the fence? You have nothing to lose!

I Give You My Personal Try It and Profit Guarantee!

You can try this program in your health coaching business for 30 days, and if you don’t like it for any reason at all, simply request a refund. Easy, breezy.


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