Overcoming Mindset and Limiting Beliefs that Can Sabotage Your Success

Mindset and limiting beliefs spill over into every aspect of our lives, including our business, and it could very well be sabotaging your success. Oftentimes, our success does not hinge on a particular launch strategy, funnel or software – it’s comes down to our mindset and beliefs.

Our guest, James Wedmore, is one of our favorite business mentors. His coaching and mentorship have impacted us and tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs through his coaching and signature course, Business By Design.

His teachings about business, mindset and intuition have been a gamechanger for us and has led to both of us scaling our businesses while working less hours.

In this episode you’ll discover…

  • James’ technique for asking better questions that will always lead you in the direction of getting what you truly want in your life and your business
  • How to elevate your role as the CEO of your business so you can work less while earning more, (James shares his simple yet effective approach)
  • What’s at the core of your limiting beliefs, (we all have them), and why digging in and getting uncomfortable for a little while, transforms your capacity to do great things
  • What James is most excited about for his upcoming live online series called The Rise of the Digital CEO and why you’ll want to join him for this one-of-a-kind mind and business transformation training

Tune in to learn how your own mindset and limiting beliefs can change to bring you the results you want.

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