3 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Niche as a Health Coach

If you are still working on figuring out your niche as a health coach, you know it can be tricky.  It takes some time (and also some testing) to decide exactly who you want to help and what solution you offer for them.   

Knowing your niche is critical as a wellness business owner because it’s the only way you are going to stand out and attract the people you want to work with.

There are 3 steps that will help you figure this out (3 P’s), and we’re diving into each of them on this episode:

  1. People – Who you help
  2. Problem – The problem they have
  3. Process – How you help them – the solution

Once you have this dialed in, you’ll feel confident about your niche and you’ll also be able to easily and clearly communicate the answer to “What do you do?”

Tune in to learn more about the 3 steps, so you can finally nail your niche.

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