The Power or Niching Down and Landing a 5-Figure Contract

If you’re still wondering if choosing a niche is important, this episode will give you the answer.

Our guest, Mark Mohammadpour, shares the power of niching down and how it led him to a 5-figure corporate wellness contract where he gets to work with his ideal clients and grow a business he loves.

We have known Mark for a while because he has been a member of our Wellness Business Accelerator program. He is a massive action taker and he’s always willing to try new things, so we wanted to have him on the show to share what’s possible in your business when you have a plan, and you implement a few simple strategies consistently.

During this interview, Mark shares how he:

  • Incorporates a very unique style of delivering his free and paid workshops that helps him stand out (in a big and fun way)
  • Niched down to serve a niche he is passionate about (public relations professionals) and his business skyrocketed
  • Has been invited to speak at local and national events
  • Has adapted his business due to the pandemic, while people shifted to working at home
  • Tapped into his existing network of people to help grow his business
  • Overcame some mindset shifts about pricing his programs (spoiler alert: He has increased his rates from 3 to 5 figures)

As you’ll hear, when Mark nailed his niche, his business skyrocketed.

If you want to learn the step-by-step process to choosing and implementing a niche that will help you stand out and attract your dream clients, join the Wellness Business Accelerator!

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