How to Handle Objections from Potential Health Coaching Clients – Part Two

When you know how to handle objections from potential health coaching clients with confidence, you’ll be able to help more people and build your practice quicker. In the last episode, Peter shared some important mindset shifts that will help you feel more confident about the sales conversation during your discovery calls. On this episode, Peter Frumenti, of Sales Team 6, is back for part 2 of overcoming objections during your discovery calls… and boy does he share a lot of helpful information!

Let’s face it; It can feel awkward and uncomfortable when you don’t know what to say in response to someone telling you they have to think about it or check with their spouse. Lucky for us, Peter goes over his 4-step process that helps his clients uncover pain and doubt, connect the dots, and address objections with prospective clients. It not only makes the sales conversation easier, but it can also help you feel much more comfortable leading a discovery call!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to frame your mindset and your discovery calls for success
  • Uncovering the pain and doubt that is in the mind of your prospective client (so you can address their ‘real’ objections)
  • Tips and strategies for overcoming objections

You’ll feel empowered for your next discovery calls after you listen to this episode!

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