How Richa Generated $6,000 in Sales with Workshops

If you’ve been thinking about doing online workshops to get coaching clients, our special guest, Richa Prasad, is sharing exactly what she did to generate $6,000 in sales with her workshops.

In this episode, Richa is sharing:

  • The exact process she and her partner used by delivering the same wellness workshop over and over to enroll 3 new clients at $2,000 each in a matter of weeks.
  • How they figured out exactly what their audience wanted before they ever purchased a done-for-you wellness workshop so they would hit the ground running with their very first workshop.
  • The success system they have in place that takes their attendee from the workshop to a discovery call to the paid program.
  • Why they are hooked on the workshop client attraction and client enrollment system for their business and how it will work for you too.

If you’ve been wanting to have as much success in your business as Richa and Lucy have in theirs, you’ll want to tune in to this episode to hear their exact process for selecting and delivering the right workshop for their ideal clients so that it leads to more sales in just a matter of weeks!

If you’re excited to use workshops as a way of attracting your dream clients and enrolling them into your programs, be sure to check it out, and you’ll also get a coupon code to save on Karen’s done-for-you workshops (scroll down for the link and code).

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