Takeaway Tuesday – Our Best Recommendations to Prepare for a Successful Photo Shoot

We’re sharing some behind-the-scenes prep we’re doing for an upcoming photo shoot we have scheduled. Photo shoots aren’t just about the clothes you wear or whether you’re having a good hair day. There are several key factors like location, props, etc. that should be taken into consideration for the best outcome.

We’re also diving into a trending topic related to offering a free download on your website. We’ve seen a trend lately of coaches only having popups on their website vs. a static opt-in opportunity and in this episode, we’re sharing why we believe it’s important to have both.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Our behind-the-scenes tips and strategies to have a successful photo shoot complete with a list of props we like to include
  • Ideas for great backdrops for casual photos on social media or B-roll for Instagram Reels
  • Our recommendations for the best place to locate your opt-in opportunity on your website and whether pop-ups are still a good idea

Grab your favorite headphones and let’s dive in!

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