6 Elements of a Profitable Workshop

Workshops are a great way to establish authority within your niche, grow your email list and enroll clients into your coaching program. There are 6 essential elements to running a profitable workshop, and if any one of these elements are missing from your presentation, chances are, your results will be less than you expected.

In this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re covering:

  • The 6 elements of a profitable workshop (this blueprint has been time-tested through 200 presentations)
  • A breakdown of each key workshop element and why it’s important
  • How you can put this blueprint into action by creating your own profitable workshop.

If you plan to host any online or in-person workshops this year, you’ll want to tune in for all the details.

Here are the 6 key elements of a profitable workshop and then we’ll dive into each one individually.

  • Establish
  • Enlighten
  • Educate
  • Entrench
  • Engage
  • Enroll

If any one of these elements are missing from your presentation, chances are that your workshop will not lead to the outcome you want, which is enrolling new paying clients.

  1. Establish – A connection with your desired clients starts with your workshop title – which should grab the attention of the people you want to attract – your ideal clients. This element is key because it weeds out the tire kickers and the people who are looking for general health advice. Remember one of the amazing benefits of hosting wellness workshops is that it is a quick and easy way to grow your email list and by creating an ideal client specific workshop title you’ll be attracting only the right people.
  2. Enlighten – Kicking off your workshop with 3-4 qualifying points establishes why they showed up, confirming that they are in the right place. Let’s face it, whenever we show up live for an online training the thing that’s always in the back of our mind is, “Is this worth my time” and should I stick around?  Your workshop attendees will be wondering the same thing. By kicking off your workshop with 3-4 bullet points outlining the BENEFITS of sticking with you for the entire training (what they will learn), you will have your workshop attendees feeling relaxed and interested and settling in for the entire training which is exactly what you want to get them ready for your program invitation at the end.
  3. Educate – This is the meat of your workshop content – teaching, inspiring, and informing them on the topic promised in the workshop title. The key to this element is that you teach on what they need to know and why they need to know it as a precursor to introducing them to your paid program. Remember, what you don’t want to do is to give away all of the “how” that you teach in your paid program. You want your workshop to set the stage for why your attendees should join you in your paid program.
  4. Entrench – Once you’re done educating on the workshop topic it’s time to entrench them in what they’ve learned by asking them to reaffirm why they showed up in the first place. You do this by recapping what you’ve taught during the workshop in a bulleted format as well as ask your attendees to share any ‘aha’ moments that they’ve had. The purpose of this element is to move them out of learning mode and into reaffirmation that spending this time with you was well worth it thereby establishing you as a valuable resource.
  5. Engage – Engaging your workshop attendees with a Q&A session is the perfect way to eliminate any fears or doubts that they may have in working with you. By giving your attendees the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on what they’ve learned, it opens up the dialogue for you to step into a coaching role which they need to see you to be willing to invest in your paid program. You’ll want to save this until the end, so it doesn’t break up the flow of your presentation and get things off track.  Q’s you may not have considered.
  6. Enroll – Now it’s time to share the next step by introducing them to your paid program and walking them through the steps to take to enroll. This is the big finale. You’ve laid all of the groundwork and now it’s time to introduce them to your paid program and how you can help them overcome the problem they want solved. This is the perfect place to use benefit statements, testimonials, case studies, and program descriptions to entice your workshop attendees to join your paid program.

If you’re excited about using this outline to create your own wellness workshop, be sure to download Karen’s free guide called: 6 Elements of a Profitable Workshop – A step-by-step blueprint for creating high converting workshops.

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