How To Run, Promote and Fill an Online Challenge

This week, we’re discussing a wide variety of topics including how to find people to interview for your blog or podcast, getting in tune with your ideal client, how to run and promote an challenge challenge, and much more.

The reason we started this podcast was to help YOU with your wellness business, so we’re answering some of your most-asked questions. If a previous episode has ever left you hungry for more knowledge you’ll definitely want to tune in and take some notes!

In this episode we talk about…

  • Choosing who to interview and what kind of questions to ask
  • Getting over the intimidation of starting a social media presence as a coach
  • Figuring out what type of challenge to run, how to get people to sign up, and how to promote it
  • Planning your schedule out in advance
  • How to prevent taking on more work than you can handle

As always, we are giving you some awesome freebies in this episode, so be sure to check them out in the resource list below!

Happy listening!

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