BEST OF: Which is Better…Promoting Your Program or a Discovery Call for More Sales

Have you ever thought about how long you should warm up your new email subscribers and followers before you invite them to join your coaching program? The real question is how much nurturing is needed before your lead is willing and excited about working with you and will say yes to your paid program.

Of course, the goal is to enroll as many clients as possible into your program, but the truth is that some people will need more nurturing than others. Some of them will want to hop on a discovery call with you and others will be decisive from the beginning and will know you’re a good fit almost immediately. To figure out a client-conversion strategy that works for you, let’s dive into this BEST OF episode so we can walk you through each step so you can make a plan.

If you’ve ever asked yourself what makes the most sense for enrolling clients into your paid program, consider these five questions.

1) How warm or cold is the audience or person I’m promoting to at this time?

2) Is offering a discovery call or breakthrough session mandatory for them to feel comfortable investing with me at this time or is it just a courtesy that only a couple of people will take me up on?

3) Is this the only time they will hear about my program, or do I have a follow-up email sequence in place that will continue to promote for the next 5-7 days leading to more sales without the requirement of a discovery call?

4) Is my program low, medium, or high priced?

5) Do I offer a money-back guarantee that will ease their mind when making the decision to work with you? (This is optional).

If you have mostly a cold audience that is learning about you for the very first time, then you should probably offer the discovery call as the call to action. If discovery calls are the way you decide to go, be sure to listen to our previous podcast episode called: How to Lead a 1 on 1 Discovery Call that Results in the Client Saying Yes. We have a very specific formula that works exceptionally well that we walk you through in this episode. We promise you’ll feel ready to lead a discovery call with confidence after listening to this episode. We’ll link it up in the show notes for your convenience. There’s also a downloadable cheat sheet that you can get that will keep you on track.

If your audience consists mostly of a warmer audience that has been on your list for a while, then it probably makes more sense to directly promote your coaching program right from the workshop or challenge. When the audience is familiar with you and have consumed a fair amount of your content, chances are they won’t need the interim step of a discovery call.

Another thing to consider with new email subscribers is following up with a sales sequence that promotes your program for 5-7 days. It’s recommended to add a link to your online calendar to book a discovery call in those emails. Sometimes, people just want to hear your voice and ask a couple of questions before they make a decision.

The last thing to consider is your program price point and whether you offer a money-back guarantee. If it’s less than $500, chances are a discovery call will not be necessary. As long as your sales page is clear, and your marketing message includes the benefits of working with you, the potential client will be able to make the financial commitment without needing a chat with you.

On the other hand, if it’s more than $500, it’s probably a good idea to make the call option available. As the price goes up so will the need for people to book a call with you.

There may be times when you promote your paid program and times when you invite people to book a discovery call.  Working through what you want to do ahead of time will help you put the necessary pieces into place to get the best possible results. 

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