Should you promote your coaching programs during COVID-19?

If you’ve been wondering if you should promote your coaching programs during COVID-19, this episode is for you.   

We’ve been seeing posts about this in our Facebook groups and all over social media, so if you’ve been wondering the same thing,

or you’ve been holding back on making offers, we promise you’re going to get clarity today.

What we’re sharing with you are the top three reasons we believe you should be making consistent offers right now.

  1. People are thinking more about their health now (especially higher risk groups due to diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.).
  2. People have extra time on their hands.
  3. You have an opportunity to stand out because many coaches don’t want to promote anything during the pandemic.

You’ll hear specific examples of what other people are doing with success and how you can use it for inspirations.

Your messaging and your offer need to be in alignment with what people are dealing with at this moment. If you align your messaging and your offer with something your ideal clients want, they’ll be thankful for it. 

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