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Health Coach Solutions™

Kathleen, I cannot thank you enough for the incredible programs you have put together. I have used a couple of your “done for you” programs and had great success with both. I offered the eGuide opt-in to draw people to my business and increase my mailing list, and I set up a Jumpstart program to use alongside my book “The Soulistic Wellness Guide”. I ran a 30-day challenge using your customizable program and had brilliant results. 30 people signed up for my first round! I was a brand new health coach who was a bit overwhelmed with where to start and how to attract people to my business.

Your program allowed me to customize my content to suit my business and my individual goals. You have provided me with everything I needed to get set up and ensure success through every part of the program process and the after sales service has blown me away. I appreciate the time you take to answer my questions along the way and the bonus content that you give for free to help me make my program more attractive to clients.   Your programs have given me so much more confidence to move forward with my business!

Sal Klerck, I.N.H.C

Kathleen has created an amazing system, a completely “done-for-me” program, filled with rich content, beautiful images, professionally edited and delivered right to my Inbox – WOW! As a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Kathleen’s guidance regarding Fitness and Health are unmatched. She has been a mentor, a teacher and a valuable resource for me. Now having her in my corner on the business side is a huge bonus. With this new program, she over-delivers again – Big Time! If you are ready to take your coaching to the next level, take advantage of this special talent and let Kathleen and her tools go to work for you and your clients. I’m glad I did!

Rick Gabrielly, AADP, CHC, BA

I am so grateful I found you!  Your products are already helping my coaching business so much. I have purchased other done-for-you programs before that I just found confusing and complicated so I never used them.  This is already helping me build my confidence as a coach as well as leverage my time while I am still working full-time while trying to build a successful coaching business. This is the BEST I have felt about my health coaching business in a very long time!

Heather Schuller, CHC

I recently discovered Health Coach Solutions and boy am I glad I did!  I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014.  Even though I was officially a Certified Health Coach, I still felt like I needed more guidance and organization before I could feel comfortable taking on clients.  Kathleen’s 6 Month Program has given me the materials to feel 100% confident to get out there and start helping people get healthy!  Thank you Kathleen! 

Amy Blackburn, CHC

After graduating from IIN as a Certified Health Coach I looked at and purchased several programs and to be honest, I was not completely satisfied with any of them. I really didn’t know where to start and how to lay things out exactly. Then came Kathleen LeGrys with her fabulous Health Coach Solutions, 6-month program. I was amazed at how much information was included in the program and the format was simple and easy for clients to understand. Kathleen has gone above and beyond to design a KICK BUTT program AND give Health Coaches a fast track to getting started.

Kathy Stephens, CHC

You have put together a great program and I’m excited to implement it! I love that you have put together such a comprehensive format. That’s what I was looking for. I have the education, knowledge etc., but my problem has always been how to put together a program that people can really grasp. You have done a great job!!

Courtney Fulton, CHC

I just received my done-for-you, 6-month program from Kathleen and I am soooo excited about the products she has put together to make it so easy for us to succeed! My newest client raved about how perfectly timed it was and how it met her immediate needs. (It was on the importance of sleep). The program is easy to modify to your client’s specific needs. It’s really a time saver but even more importantly, it’s well structured (find success and copy it) and it relieves so much stress for me! Her program is priceless!  I can’t thank you enough, Kathleen, for your hard work in assisting all the new coaches.

Cindy Rost, CHC

Thank you, Kathleen, for all the hard work you have done to create this must-have program. It is the perfect addition to my beginner’s toolbox. I’ll be able to start taking clients in July, and your program will give me the confidence I need to get started. I’m sure many more coaches will see its value as well.

Tracy Mehaffey, CHC

I have purchased Kathleen LeGrys’ Done-For-You programs and have been extremely satisfied with the value. It was perfect for what I need which is something basic – not a cleanse or detox, but just teaching people how to be more healthy and fit. Her materials are creative and professionally done, and include instructions and everything you need to run a successful program. She over-delivers with support via Facebook and email to make sure that you are able to use the materials she provides most effectively.   I was honestly floored by the amount of support she has provided. And she is a wonderful person to boot. I’d highly recommend any of her programs. If you aren’t sure, she is always willing to chat with you to see what might best meet your needs.

Krista Riddley, CHHC, CPT

When I reached out to Kathleen, I was struggling with where to go in my coaching practice. I was ready to start seeing clients, but did not feel I had the right materials and resources to provide a comprehensive coaching session. Kathleen listened to my concerns, and answered my questions thoughtfully and honestly, and helped me gain the confidence I needed to take the next step in growing my business. Her program materials are well-organized, customizable, and an excellent guide for working through a 6-month program. Thank you Kathleen!

Shannon Brown, HC

Kathleen has created an awesome challenge that is delivered super fast and easy to edit. Her opt-in e-book is also a great addition to add to the program or as a giveaway to your clients. If you have questions or concerns, Kathleen responds fast and is clearly willing to help you succeed. I am definitely a happy client and look forward to purchasing more programs in the future.

Jennifer Castro, CHC, CPT

I bought Kathleen’s Fit & Healthy Challenge program because it was affordable and I needed something free to offer potential clients. I was absolutely blown away with the amount of detail in the program that was included. From the promotional video to the marketing materials and ideas, not to mention the FB support group, it was better than I anticipated. I am very happy with this and it is an excellent value. Kathleen is great to work with also and very responsive. It would take hours and hours to write this program, pick out and edit marketing pictures, make an amazing video, and get it all organized, but this has everything done and organized for you! Thanks for going beyond my expectations! I can’t wait to get people signed up!

Tiffany Boutwell, NC, HHP

I am always on the lookout for visually appealing and heart-centered programs to add to my growing holistic and Reiki practice and Kathleen’s offerings are both of these. They are clean, pretty (I only work with women so this is very important) and I made them my own in minutes. They are stuffed with great information that can actually be applied in real-life and they can each easily be fit into my either my coaching offerings or my Reiki trainings. I highly recommend Kathleen and her creations for anyone that wants some fun and inspiring additions for their business!

Jodi Lebrun, CHLC and Spirited Reiki Teacher

So happy with my e-book purchase! It’s clear, well-written, and I love the beautiful images.  Super easy to personalize…and being a non-techie sort of person, I’m especially grateful for that.   This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but with two kids, clients, rebranding my business, and two courses to juggle, I just never have the extra time.  This DFY-e-book will save me so much time and keep me moving forward.  Really appreciate the quick and helpful replies to my questions too. Very happy to have such a quality product to offer my prospects, and can’t wait to get it up on my site!  Thanks so much, Kathleen! 

Rebeca Manning, CHC

Health Coach Solutions is a true diamond of a find. I am so grateful for Kathleen and all the work she does to bring “done for you programs,” to those of use who don’t have the time to create our own. I am working, going to school and starting my own business.  I would be more stressed without the resources of Health Coach Solutions. These programs are ready to use, have great content and are absolutely beautiful. They are so professional and well put together. With the prices being so reasonable they are affordable and save tons of time. I look forward to continuing to use the programs she creates and am so grateful for the services she offers. I highly recommend these programs and they come with great service. I enjoy supporting those with a huge heart anyway!

Shauna Cheney, Health Coach

Kathleen is an amazing coach & mentor. I really love her programs & appreciate the amount of work that has gone into developing them!  I highly recommend Kathleen for all she does to help us coaches!

Linda Celauro, CHC