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In this episode, Karen and Kathleen share step by step strategies on how to start using Facebook Live to build your business.

What exactly is Facebook Live?

It’s a live streaming feature built into the platform of Facebook. With the push of a button you can “go live” and instantly connect with your followers on your business group/page. Not only that, but those followers can interact with you in real time during the video by leaving questions / comments for you to address, liking or even sharing your live video.

Why is that important?

Facebook has over two billion users each month. And Facebook Live videos have three times the amount of views as videos that aren’t done through Live. Facebook users also comment on live videos at ten times the rate of comments on regular videos posted to Facebook.

Why is Facebook Live So Effective?

  1. It allows you to build trust and rapport with people giving your business a genuine authenticity.
  2. Your audience is likely already on Facebook with their own profile.  
  3. The reach for Facebook Live is currently so much greater than the reach of regular Facebook posts.
  4. It’s incredibly easy to use.

Using Facebook Live

  1. Know your intention – Decide the “what” and “why” for your video before you go live.
  2. What each episode should include and how long it will be
  3. Use an attention grabbing Topic Headline
  4. Introduce yourself and say what you’ll be discussing. Be short and sweet!
  5. Have bullet-points for yourself before you go live
  6. Request your viewers to engage!
  7. End with a Call to Action Item, share your website information.

Gaining Viewers on your Live Videos

  1. Replay. It is the magic of Facebook Live Stream.
  2. You can boost the videos after on a very small budget.
  3. Facebook tracks who watches and interacts with your videos, giving you a custom audience list to promote to next time.
  4. Host the video on your page and then share from your page to your group.
  5. Download and re-use your videos for even further promotion.
  6. Schedule your Facebook Live video ahead of time.

Overcoming the “Fear Factor” of going Live

  1. Practice your Facebook Live stream first, using the “Only Me” feature.  
  2. Practice in your own private Facebook group as a “test lab.”
  3. Practice in your own public Facebook group before jumping over to your public page.
  4. Do whatever you can do to just get started!

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