Show Notes

In this episode, Karen and Kathleen welcome Carey Adam of Running Moms to discuss how she uses a membership site in her business. Carey’s monthly membership program consistently generates recurring income for her each month, and she loves this business model.

You’ll learn how Carey started her membership program from the ground up, get insights about how to organize this type of program and hear Carey’s advice for getting started.

You don’t have to create your membership content from scratch. For instance, Carey uses Kathleen’s Done-For-You Coaching Programs to help guide her own programs and content! Don’t let the technology aspect of running a monthly membership scare you away – it can be launched with very simple tools.

People love the community aspect of membership groups, and current members help to build that community further.  Stay present and on your client’s minds with consistent communication and content, while also letting the friendships in the community do some of the work for you!

Resources and Links mentioned on the show:

Check out Carey’s Running Moms Facebook Page for more about her! And while you’re there, stop by The Wellness Business Podcast Facebook Page too! 

Kathleen’s done-for-you coaching programs

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