Using Referral Partners to Grow Your Wellness Business

Using referral partners to grow your wellness business can work incredibly well, and in this encore episode, Karen shares exactly how she did this in her business years ago. Karen breaks it down step by step how she managed to get a 50-60% success rate in getting face to face meetings with potential referrals!

Referral partners offer many benefits to your business, including:

  • Respected professionals in your area recommending you to their clients and colleagues.
  • Your business will grow faster when several people are referring clients to you.
  • You get to build relationships with other community leaders and professionals
  • You’ll be able to use your referral partners as a testimonial for your business.

Listen in as Karen gives you the exact step-by-step process she used to get multiple referral partners in her health coaching business. You’ll also learn what mistakes to avoid, and how to put a follow-up system in place that works!

Plus, grab Karen’s Referral Partner Letter Template and start making referral contacts for your wellness business today!

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