3 Secrets to Running a Successful Health Coaching Program

There are a few key elements to creating and running successful health coaching programs, and today, we’re sharing 3 of the most important ones. When you have a system or process to share that you can also rinse and repeat, your clients will be more successful, and you’ll be able to help more people.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s important for you and your clients to have a blueprint to follow
  • How to come up with topics to cover to help your clients get the best results
  • A common mistake that’s easy to make with coaching programs (that often causes clients to give up)

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Secret #1:  Your program takes clients through a process they can follow to get results.

This is your system or blueprint, and people love knowing there is a plan they can follow. When you think about helping your clients go from where there are now to where they want to be, what do they need to know and implement to see results?  When you think about taking your clients by the hand and guiding them through the steps they should have in place, what does that look like?

Maybe they can benefit from topics such as: 

  • Meal planning and prep tips, so they aren’t eating out as often, and they can eat more nutritious meals. 
  • Adding in more whole foods to improve digestion and energy.
  • Managing stress, which helps with pretty much any goal they are trying to achieve, whether it’s weight loss, blood sugar control, immune function, etc.   

Brainstorm and write down the 6-12 key topics that come to mind – this will depend on the length of your program. If it’s 3 months, and you cover 2 topics per month, you can start with 6 topics. If it’s a 6-month program, map out 12 topics to cover.

In my done-for-you 6-month health coaching program called “Coach with Confidence” you get 12 foundational coaching sessions that are all laid out, including action steps to make it easy for clients to implement. They are beautifully designed in Canva, so you can either use it with your 1-on-1 clients or for an online group program. 

It’s important to have a system you can take each client through, so you aren’t winging it or recreating the wheel for each client or each session.  This is also not optional if you have an online group coaching program where everyone is going through the same topics at a time. Having a system makes everything easier – for you and for your clients.

Secret #2: Your program is repeatable/scalable.

When you have a coaching program that you can rinse and repeat, and you have a system people can follow, you have a program you can scale.  This means you can run it over and over again without creating a program or process for each client. If you’re doing 1-on-1 coaching, there will be some minor customizing of the program based on the client’s situation and goals, but the overall blueprint they follow will remain the same.

Having a program you can run and scale saves you a ton of time, provides your clients with a step-by-step formula they can follow, and it gives you unlimited earning potential.

Secret #3. It doesn’t overwhelm the client.

This is so important to keep in mind because an overwhelmed client will often give up or quit because it feels like too much.  This is a common mistake that’s easy to make – giving your clients too much information at one time.  Small steps that build on each other is the best way to set your clients up for success.

Each client will be unique, so when you’re doing 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll have to gauge their level of ability to take action after each session. When clients feel stuck – it could mean they need to dial things back and just focus one small change at a time, and that’s okay. Everyone goes at their own pace.  You don’t want to throw too much information at people, and remember they aren’t at the same place in their journey that you are.  When clients feel like they are making progress, it keeps them motivated to keep going and seeing results, and that means happy clients and more referrals.   

Let’s recap the 3 secrets to a successful health coaching program:

#1:  It takes clients through a process they can follow to get results. 

#2: It’s repeatable/scalable.

#3. It doesn’t overwhelm the client.

As you create or run your coaching programs, keep these 3 tips in mind.

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