There are many ways that you could make more money in your business; like selling supplements, adding in more face-to-face programs, holding workshops, and creating higher-end packages. This said, all these money makers require your time, energy and effort to create, implement and manage.

The goal of running your own business is to create more time and financial freedom for yourself, not to be a slave to your business with little monetary gain to show for your efforts.

As you scroll through the Facebook newsfeed, you can’t help but feel a knot in the pit of your stomach as you read about all of the online programs being offered. These programs are bringing in extra profit without the business owner having to trade dollars for hours.

Sure, there is upfront work to be done but once it is done, it is done! The program brings in money on autopilot. If you want to stop trading dollars for hours by offering a nutrition program online then make sure to read this article right until the very end.

Lori Kennedy RHN is revealing the step-by-step formula on how to make money online. She’s created and launched half a dozen and operates her multi-six figure company from her kitchen table. She knows a thing or two about how to make money on autopilot, so I’m excited to have her a guest today.

How to Sel Your Program Online
By Lori Kennedy RHN
Creator of

There are many courses and trainings you can take to learn how to create a program that is offered online but most don’t include how to sell the program.

It’s wonderful to have a done-for-you program but without fully understanding the formula to sell it or anything else online you are not to get a return on your investment. I want you to be able to grow your business and make more money without having to feel overwhelmed or stressed out because no one is buying your programs.

Follow these 7 steps to sell your program online.

Step 1: Identify who your ideal client or customer really is.

Remember that you can’t please everyone so think about who your program is really for. List the ideal client’s demographics and their major pain points. Create a profile of where they hang out online and offline so you can market directly to them.

Step 2: Create a social media marketing campaign.

Randomly posting on social media doesn’t lead to more clients or money in the bank. Craft a social media marketing plan using graphics, quotes and status updates that educates your ideal prospects on what you are offering and what’s in it for them. Always include a call to action in each post.

Step 3: Drive traffic (ideal prospects) to a lead capture page (AKA landing page/squeeze page/opt-in page).

Instead of sending traffic directly to a sales page you want to send prospects to a lead capture page that is offering them a piece of free content in exchange for their email address. This way you get the prospect from social media onto your email list where you can get them to know, trust and like you before pitching them on your program. is great for this!

Step 4: Make use of the Thank You Page

The thank you page is a piece of prime real estate. You can add a welcome video on the thank you page and also social sharing buttons. When you use the thank you page to build rapport your email open rate will increase. This can be done with your email marketing service or with .

Step 5: Craft an email autoresponder campaign

Email marketing is the best way for the newly subscribed prospect to get to know, trust and like you. Email autoresponders are pre-written emails that are loaded into your email-marketing platform (like Aweber or Mail Chimp) that take the prospect through a multi-email sequence educating them on who you are, what you have to offer and the results you are promising them.

Step 6: Send email subscribers to your sales page using calls to action in each email

Each email should include a CTA or call to action. This is a results based phrase that tells the reader what to do next. When you don’t explicitly state the action you want your subscriber to take they will likely take no action at all.

Examples: “Click here to order.”  “Hit reply and let me know what you think about XYZ.”

Step 7: Have a sales page with an irresistible offer

In each email autoresponder you are directing the reader to click on a link that takes them to your sales page. This is where you describe the program, share the benefits and what’s in it for the client and ask for the sale.

When you ask for the sale you should make the offer so compelling and irresistible that the client easily says YES. You can do this by adding bonuses or creating a limited offer that expires.

If you don’t have a done-for-you program to sell yetand then come back to follow the 7 steps to sell your program online.

You’ve got this!