How to Use a Short-Term Facebook Group for Your Next Promotion or Launch

We talk a lot on the podcast about using Facebook groups as a relationship builder and client generator, and on today’s episode, we’re focusing on how to use a short-term Facebook group for your next promotion or launch.

This strategy is different from than having a group you continue to build and keep open indefinitely. A ‘pop-up’ group is only open and active for a pre-determined amount of time (during a 5-day challenge for example).

We’re going to share how this can work for you, and we’re giving you an inside look at how we used this strategy with a recent promotion of our own for the Wellness Business Insider’s Club.

If you already have a free Facebook group that you use for everything like challenges and daily posts, you might not need a pop-up group, but this episode will still give you great ideas on how to run a challenge or launch in your current group. Most of the same principles will apply, so you’ll still get a ton of value by tuning in.

Be sure to scroll down to get the awesome freebie I put together for you, so you can put this into place for your business.

We’re breaking down how to use a pop-up group and how to fill it, including:

  • What questions to ask before you start a pop-up group
  • How we ran our pop-up group and what we did before the live training series even started
  • What we did to get crazy high engagement in the group
  • How to promote your paid program in your group
  • The importance of creating the right cover photo for your group
  • What to do with your pop-up group once the challenge or event is over

Whether you want to run a group for a short period of time, or you want ideas for getting more interaction and engagement in your current group, you’ll want to tune in!

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