The 5 Elements for Writing a Client Attracting Social Media Bio

Did you know you only have up to 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention on social media to get them to check out your bio and decide if they want to learn more and follow you?  This is why you need to do everything you can to make sure your social media bio is as clear as possible. When someone lands on your profile or page, you want them to think “OMG this person, this business, is exactly what I need and am looking for.”

Creating a bio that speaks directly to your dream clients takes a little time, so on this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re sharing a 5-step process that will make this easy.

In this episode you’ll discover…

  • The 5-part formula for writing a client attracting social media bio that will speak directly to your dream clients
  • The do’s and don’ts of bio writing that will keep the process super simple
  • Multiple examples of others in the health and wellness space that have crystal clear bios you can use for inspiration

There is no time like the present to rework your social media bio into a client attraction masterpiece.

Okay, let’s jump in.

Karen has been a member of Jasmine Star’s Social Curator program for years and she recently watched a training called Build A Boss Bio which reminded her how important being crystal clear in your bio is for attracting your dream clients. That’s why we decided to share that formula with you today on the podcast.

This formula can be used on every social media platform so it’s not limited just to Instagram.

The Boss Bio formula includes 5 elements. We’re going to go through each one and provide some examples to help bring each one to life.

Element #1: Get focused with your title

Choose clear over creative.

What do we mean by that?

A great litmus test of your title is whether a 10-year old could understand what you do after reading it?

For example, if you’re a photographer, then put photographer in your title. Don’t use something creative like “purveyor of exquisite memories”.

If you’re that photographer and I land on your profile and it says ‘purveyor of exquisite memories’ rather than ‘photographer’ and I’m only hanging out there for 7 seconds, I’ll be honest, I’m not going to know what you do and I won’t be researching any further to figure it out.

As a ‘purveyor of exquisite memories’ are you a photographer, videographer, scrapbooker, journaler, story teller… I have no idea and I’m not going to scroll through your feed to find out.

People want simple and easy. They don’t want to figure things out. Here is a great example of this.

Element #2: List the benefit you offer for your followers

Pro tip: Your account isn’t about you… It’s about what your business can do for your followers so remember that when you write your bio.

Describe as succinctly as you can what benefit you and your program offer your clients. Think in terms of outcome. A great example of this is from Corinne Olsen below.

Element #3: Who’s your account for?

You want people to land on your bio and say YES, this business or this coach is for me! Or NO, this business is not for me.

If that is happening, it means that your bio is crystal clear. That’s the goal!

When an account is tailor made for your dream customer, there’s a higher chance of turning them into a paying client.

Element #4: Contact information

How do you want people to reach out to you? After reading your bio someone may want to contact you or connect with you more personally. Do you want them to email you, call you, private message you? Pick one and add it to your bio. (NOTE: We recommend NOT giving away your cell phone number. If you have a separate business number then great but you don’t want every person on social media being able to call you directly.)

Element #5: Link to your party favor a.ka. –  your freebie

In your bio you should give something away for free.

Before you ask for something, (the sale), you want to give something first.

We’re talking about your freebie.

When considering what freebie to give, ask yourself, ‘What could I give for free related to my program or service that would help my ideal client in some way?’

Remember, this is a test. If you try something and it works, great! If it doesn’t switch it out.

On Instagram you have the opportunity to share one link and one link only so you want to use it wisely. Think of this as a call-to-action. What’s the next step you want someone to take? We do not recommend putting your website link there because it’s just too open ended and general. That’s not really a call-to-action. Be specific!

Options like:

Grab this guide

Listen to this recording

Watch this video

One last PRO TIP before we wrap up. Whenever possible use emojis in place of words to add variety and save space in your bio. For example, if you save someone time then use a clock. If you save someone money then use the money bag.


Spend 20 minutes today reworking your social media bio then ask 3 people to review your updated bio and ask them to tell you what you do. If they can clearly tell you what you do then you hit the nail on the head. If they can’t explain it easily, you have more work to do.

Don’t forget to grab your Social Media Bio Workbook where Karen shares lots of examples of what to do and what not to do when writing your bio. Scroll down to get access. 

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