Why Aren’t More of Your Social Media Followers Converting to Paying Clients

If you are wondering why more of your social media followers converting to paying clients, you are not alone. This is a very common question as you start out as health coach and try to figure out how to show up in an authentic way that also results in people signing up to work with you.

In this episode we’re covering 3 of the top reasons you may be experiencing a lack of conversions from social media. As you listen in see which reason resonates with you the most and then adjust based on our recommendations.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How your ideal customer changed during 2020 into a ‘Now Customer’ and how you should update your marketing to reach them
  • 3 top reasons your social media followers aren’t converting into paying clients and how you can pivot your social media strategy to build trust between you and them for more sales in 2021
  • The main role social media can play in building trust in your overall success of eventually turning your tribe from passive followers to active paying customers

If you want to turn more of your followers into clients, be sure to tune in to this episode and also scroll down to register for our upcoming free training for health coaches.

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