How to Start a New Facebook Business Page that Attracts Your Ideal Clients

How do you start a new Facebook business page that attracts your ideal clients and gets more followers?

If you are just starting out building your Facebook page, you are likely asking yourself this very question. Two coaches recently were recently wondering how to do this, so we decided to cover our answers and perspectives in this episode.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between a FB business page and personal profile page when it comes to promoting your business, (these pages are not created equal)
  • 3 things to consider when posting on Facebook to attract new likes and followers, that will ultimately keep you out of Facebook jail and help you grow more quickly
  • 5 quick tips to quickly get momentum on your new Facebook page

This episode will also help you if you’ve had your Facebook page for a while and you need some ideas about how to attract more of the right people.

Tune in to find out our tips and recommendations to save you time get better results.

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