How We Met, Started the Wellness Business Podcast and Launched our Online Course

We get questions about how we first met and how we started this podcast, so we thought it would be fun to share it all in on the podcast. In this episode we’re sharing how we first met, why we decided to start this podcast, and what led to us partnering in creating an online course for wellness business owners.

We are also celebrating our 200th episode, and we’re giving away PRIZES. Scroll down for the deets, so you can enter to win! 

In this episode, we’re sharing:

  • How we met and our earliest memories of connecting on social media
  • The milestones in our relationship that led us to realize that we ‘share the same brain’ as we often say
  • The thing we each said YES to that changed the trajectory of both of our businesses
  • What doors opened for us as a result of hosting this podcast

Did someone say PRIZES? 

Yes! Help us celebrate our 200th episode of The Wellness Business Podcast and you could WIN A PRIZE!

We’re giving away TEN $20 Amazon gift cards.

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