Turning Your Email Subscribers into Clients

Lead magnets (freebies) are a great way to build your email list with the goal of turning your email subscribers into clients but there is one essential piece to the puzzle that could be missing from your efforts. We’re sharing the common missing link in this episode!

The purpose of a lead magnet is to incentivize your audience to sign up to your email list in order to generate sales. It’s important to make sure your lead magnet topic directly relates to your offer if you want to build an email list full of people who are excited about working with you.

In this episode, we’re covering how to align your free offer with your paid programs, so you have more people signing up to work with you. 

You’ll discover:

  • Why it’s critical that your free offers directly relate to what it is you offer, so when you go to promote your programs or services, it feels like the next logical step for your subscribers, so you’ll have more people enrolling 
  • Examples of topics that are and are not in alignment, so you can see if your topic needs some fine tuning
  • The importance of having the perfect title for your free offer
  • What to look for with your own free offers to determine if they need some adjusting, so you get better results.

Tune in to learn how to create irresistible lead magnets that attract your ideal clients AND turn them into paying clients!


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