Two Secrets to Successfully Marketing Your Business as a Health Coach

Whether you’re a new health coach or a coach who has been at it for a while, but you’re not seeing the growth you want, there are two important factors that are key to successfully marketing your business.

This is a common struggle for many coaches, so if you’re experiencing the same thing, keep reading because this can transform your marketing message and your results.

Here are the two secrets:

  1. Know WHO it is you help and HOW you help them
  2. Identify the main ways you will attract your ideal clients and grow your email list


There are thousands and thousands of health coaches out there, and that’s why it’s critical to figure out who YOU specifically want to help because it’s the only way you can stand out in a sea of other health coaches.   

Also, it’s the only way to know how to position your paid programs, so the right people are excited to enroll.  Your goal is not to be a health coach for EVERYONE – you want to become the go-to health coach for a certain group of people, so you are seen as the expert in that certain area.

If your messaging is something like “I help women have more energy, so they can live their best life.” what does that mean?  It’s not tangible or measurable and it’s way too general. Are these women in their 20’s who just had a baby and they’re exhausted? Are these menopausal women who have adrenal fatigue?  Helping women have more energy so they can live their best life isn’t something they are saying to themselves or actively searching for on Google or Facebook. People will pay for a solution to a particular problem, issue, struggle, or goal they want to reach, so the more specific you can be, the better.

NOTE: If you are not addressing a problem and a solution, no matter how great your program is, you are going to struggle to get clients, so this is super important.

Let’s look at another example:I help women with celiac disease transition to a gluten-free diet with ease, so they can feel confident preparing food for themselves and their family without worrying about cross-contamination.”


“I help men with diabetes manage their blood sugar through a whole food diet, so they can enjoy delicious food without feeling deprived.”

And one more…

“I help women lose weight and gain muscle through a ketogenic diet and strength training in 30 minutes or less a day, so they don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get the body they want.”

Do you see the difference in the clarity of the messaging in these 3 examples?

With these examples, there is a specific problem and a solution and the way it’s done. 

I help ________________(who do you help? men/women/moms/entrepreneurs/ people, etc)  ____________________(what is the outcome – what do you help them with), so they can _______________(benefit/desired outcome). 

Jot down the template above and brainstorm some ideas. 


This can take some time and we did a 3-part series all about this on The Wellness Business Podcast on episodes 163, 164, and 165, so be sure to check those out. Super helpful with more examples and ideas on figuring out your niche and your messaging. 

So, secret #1 – Know who you help and how, so you can stand out. You want to repel some people and have them think you aren’t for them – because you aren’t for everyone.

If you have Hashimoto’s, are you going to look for a general doctor, or are you doing to look for a specialist?  It’s the same for health coaches.

Secret #2 is to identify the main ways you will attract your ideal clients and grow your email list.

You don’t need to be everywhere.  Pick two platforms where your ideal clients are hanging out and go all in as much as you can.

Video is key – livestreams are best, but recorded video has benefits too if you aren’t ready for live video.

I’m on Facebook and Instagram, so those are my two main platforms.

I do livestreams on my page once a week and I do a longer training in my FB group once a month. That works for me, so do what works for you, so you can be consistent. The more video you do, the more momentum you will build. 

The key is to make sure you include a call to action in the video for people to take a next step such as join your Facebook group, read a blog post on the topic, listen to one of your podcast episodes or sign up for one of your freebies.

You can also get in front of new people by leveraging other people’s audiences by being a guest on podcasts, livestreams, and/or doing guest blog posts. Who do you know in a complementary niche whose audience could benefit from learning from you?  Make a list. Brainstorm.  Be open to ideas and seeking out people.

If you’re a health coach, maybe you know a fitness trainer with a blog or a podcast and you could offer to share tips on something related to how you help your clients.  This gets you in front of a brand-new audience and you have instant social proof since you are the guest on the blog or podcast.

Growing your email list should always be a top priority because the more ideal clients you have who have subscribed to your weekly content, the more people you’ll have enrolling in your paid programs and offers when you open enrollment.

So, there you go…

Two Secrets to Successfully Marketing Your Business as a Health Coach, include: 

  1. Know who it is you help and who you want to attract – your ideal client
  2. Identify the main ways you will attract your ideal clients and grow your email list

Keep it as simple as possible and focus more on the quality of your content rather than worrying about posting every day.  Quality content will get more engagement, shares, and interest in what you have to offer.

You can do this. I’m rooting for you!


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