How to Create a Successful Online Coaching Program – Part 2

In our second episode of our two-part series about how to create a successful online health coaching program, we’re getting into some more nitty gritty details. We’re talking about pricing your online programs and options for how to deliver your program to your clients.

We’re also diving into what you need to do before you launch your online coaching program for best results so you’re not just guessing what your clients really want.

Plus, we’re sharing tips for getting people to sign up for your program and our simple solution for delivering your program without the tech bogging you down!

We know many of you want to add some aspect of online coaching to your business either in the very near future or somewhere down the road, so this episode will be perfect!

After listening to this episode, you’ll know:

  • How to price your online coaching program so that it reflects your solution, niche, experience, and length of program (with specific examples!)
  • The best strategies for increasing your program prices
  • How to get lot of testimonials for your online coaching program before you even launch it
  • How to deliver your program in a simple and efficient way so you can focus on delivering great content and coaching instead of worrying about the tech

Tune in so you can learn how to price and deliver your online coaching program!

Plus, be sure to download this free guide: How to Launch a Successful Online Health Coaching Program

This guide covers:

  • How to create a program your audience will LOVE
  • Some of the BEST tech tools and resources to use
  • Key strategies for launching a PROFITABLE program
  • PLUS… Tips for effectively promoting your program even if you DON’T have an email list

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