7 Steps to Successful Wellness Workshops

This episode of The Wellness Business Podcast is all about the 7 key steps you want to have in place to have successful wellness workshops. Workshops are an extremely effective way to convert attendees into paying clients. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of running workshops is that it actually helps speed up the client journey, so you can turn them into paying clients faster!

This week, I’m putting Karen Pattock in the hot seat to reveal the exact steps she took when she used wellness workshops in her health coaching business. It was an extremely effective marketing tool for her, so she’s sharing her secrets in this episode.

We are also announcing the winners from our 50th episode giveaway, so be sure to give this episode a listen and see if you’re a winner of one of the awesome prizes are we’re giving away!

In this episode we talk about…

  • Why workshops are an effective business tool to gain new paying clients
  • How to smoothly an easily transition to offering your paid programs without feeling salesy or awkward
  • Examples of great workshop topics
  • How to get audience engagement and participation

Karen is giving you her Free Guide, 4 Foolproof Methods To Use Workshops To Fill Your Wellness Programs, to help you build a successful workshop!

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