Why You Should Survey Your Audience After a Program or Challenge 

Have you ever had a launch or promotion that did not go as well as you expected, and you weren’t sure why?  One way to find out what went wrong is to survey your audience.  You can also use surveys to get feedback and testimonials for your paid programs!    

When you ask for feedback, you will likely uncover great insights to know how to improve your marketing or your program the next time you run it. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The importance of surveying your audience after a program or challenge so you can learn from them first-hand what went well and what needs tweaking in the future
  • Significant clues for improving your marketing message from the participants that didn’t want to invest in your paid program
  • The 3 most common reasons people love your challenge but never invest in your program, (they are always there for the free stuff but never join your paid program)
  • Our secret sauce strategy to get more people happily replying to your follow-up survey, without begging

Tune in to learn how you can survey your audience so you can learn exactly why your ideal clients are (or aren’t) taking the next step with you.

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