How to Lead Successful 1 on 1 Discovery Calls

How to Lead Successful 1 on 1 Discovery Calls

How to Lead Successful 1 on 1 Discovery Calls

If you want to know how to lead Successful 1 on 1 discovery call, this is for you!

I know discovery calls can feel intimidating when you’re a new health coach, and it can also still feel a bit awkward even when you’ve been at it for a while – especially when it comes to discussing fees (Eeek, this is where you may break out into a cold sweat!).

If you don’t feel 100% confident about doing your discovery calls, you’re going to LOVE this episode because Karen and I are going to walk you through a simple 7-step process that will result in more people saying “YES” to working with you.

Before you listen, make sure you grab this week’s amazing freebie: The 7 Step Sales Conversation Worksheet.

1. Strategy Session Questionnaire

This step should be more about listening to your potential client, listening for clues in their statements rather than a list of questions that feel like an interrogation. Sales come from an emotional connection, so really listening to your client during an initial call is extremely important.

2. Let them Talk

Let your prospect talk, and really listen to what they’re telling you. Take notes about emotional keywords or statement that they are using so that you can reassure them of those feelings when you turn the conversation to inviting them to work with you. Let them talk through what they’re feeling and really pay close attention to what they’re telling you.

3. Recap the Issues

Don’t just recite back the problems the client has shared with you. Continue the conversation, acknowledging that you understand where they are coming from and how you can help them with those issues. This shows the client that you were really listening to them talk, understand their concerns, that you have valuable knowledge to share with them AND reminds them that this will eventually turn to a sales conversation. You don’t have to recap every little thing that they said, but bringing up the biggest emotional topics to them and addressing those issues will help easily transition to a sales pitch for your program. For great examples, tune into this episode.

4. Introduce Your Program/Service

Your recap already sets the stage for your sales pitch. So, this should be a natural transition in the conversation from recapping their main concerns. If you complete step number 3 right, then you’ll easily take the recap to your sales conversation. This conversation shouldn’t be about the features or details of your program. Instead look at your notes and see what were the 3 struggles they mentioned, and tell them how you can help support them with your coaching program.

5. The Sales Conversation

This is where you invite them to work with you. Consider offering two different payment options, a pay in full with a slight discount or payment plan option. Tune into this episode for more tips on how to handle the sales conversation like a pro.

6. Gauge their Commitment

Ask your prospect where they are, on a scale of 1-10, as far as their commitment level. If they’re close to commitment, but not at a level 10, you can ask what they think the hold up is and work through that together. If someone says they’re not ready to commit, they are actually saying no to themselves.

7. Follow Up

If they are higher on the commitment scale, still give them some time to breathe. Immediately after the call, send an email with all the information they’ll need in the decision-making process and give them a deadline to commit. If they’re anything less than an 8/10 on the commitment scale, they are not ready to make a change for themselves. If they say any number between 1-7 then tell them you’ll follow up in an email with information on a more basic program that could be a better fit for them. 

Action Items: If you haven’t had any free clients yet, find at least 2 and work through this entire process with them (up to 3 months). Consider this an internship of sorts to build your confidence. If you already have clients, focus on which step you feel would benefit your business the most and practice it over and over.

You’ve got this!

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