3 Steps to Streamlining and Scaling Your Online Coaching Practice

3 Steps to Streamlining and Scaling Your Online Coaching Practice

3 Steps to Streamlining and Scaling Your Online Coaching Practice

I have a special guest post for you today from Jen Miller at .  The team at Practice Better are experts when it comes to all things client management and communication for your wellness business.  If you are coaching clients online or working towards incorporating online coaching, this article will give you a few helpful tips to ensure a smooth transition, workflow, and scalability.


A few months ago, many coaches were faced with the sudden need to transition their practices fully online without much notice or warning. It was time to pivot and take a leap in your business, whether you were ready or not! With that, you may have been in a situation where you had to choose the quick and easy path to support your clients and keep your practice afloat.

For many coaches that unfortunately meant they didn’t have systems in place to fit their workflow and the growth of a virtual business. You were likely able to get online to conduct telehealth sessions fairly painlessly, but what about other aspects of supporting your clients and scaling your practice?

When you think about the journey for not only your client but for you as a coach, there are multiple tools required to make it all happen. From scheduling, communication, and accountability, to sharing resources, recommendations, and documents with clients…there is a lot involved in a virtual coaching practice.

The Problem

If you don’t have a workflow in place that brings this all together, it can result in many challenges for you and your client.

As a coach, you’ll end up spending too much time on the administrative side of your practice, which isn’t sustainable. There will be greater potential for information to start falling through the cracks, and your client’s experience will suffer.

  • When processes aren’t streamlined and structured, it feels less professional for your client
  • The expectations likely aren’t as clear for them, and they feel less accountable to the process
  • If your clients don’t have access to the resources provided to them in an organized and easy-access fashion, their engagement will drop off

As a coach, it’s essential to reinforce a consistent structure and system for how you work with your client so they can create a routine. This will allow them to focus on their health journey and ultimately get amazing results, rather than getting distracted by the logistical aspects of working together.

The result is a better client experience, which leads to more referrals (an important part of every health practice!).

So, what do you need to be successful and scale your virtual health practice outside of simply running a telehealth session?

The Solution

Here are three simple strategies to not only ensure a seamless and high-level client experience but also help you streamline your workflow to save you more time and earn more money.

1. Seamlessly schedule and allow your clients to book online

Scheduling might seem like a simple task but can become a manual process that takes up way too much of your time! Perhaps you constantly go back and forth with clients to find suitable time slots or manually send confirmation and reminder emails for every client. This can get exhausting for both the coach and the client.

As well, the chance of information getting missed, or lost in translation is high. Are you in the same time zone as your client? Did you remember to include all of the pertinent information in your confirmation email? Is your client clear on your cancellation and reschedule policies?

We highly recommend using a scheduling tool that helps to streamline this process for you.

These are some key features to look for in a scheduling tool:

  • Automated confirmation, reminder, and cancellation emails to ensure there is no missed information
  • Ability to customize copy in those emails to align with your branding and ensure you can include all of the pertinent information
  • Syncs with your external calendar to eliminate the worry of overlap
  • Allows you to set up multiple service types with variable duration, as well as customize availability slots for those services
  • Integrates with your telehealth service provider to create a seamless experience for you and your clients
  • Has a public booking page feature to allow clients to book with you online

2. Enhance your client communication & accountability

As a health coach, you know that communicating effectively with your client is essential to keeping them accountable and supporting positive outcomes. When you are working together virtually, this becomes even more of a priority since you may not be seeing each other in person.

Accountability is something to keep in mind throughout the whole duration of working with your client virtually. Often clients will come in strong and might be self-motivated, however, this can be lost as time goes on.

How can you mitigate a drop off in engagement and ensure strong communication? Here are some strategies you can use:

  • Utilize a one-on-one or group chat to connect with your client in real-time
  • Send a voice memo or video message to add a personal touch
  • For daily engagement, use a check-in form, or create tasks for clients with due dates and reminders
  • Have your client submit a daily food and mood journal

3. Share your client resources in a streamlined and secure fashion

Sharing resources with your client, whether it be notes and protocols or educational materials, is something that has the potential to quickly become disorganized. Maybe you’re using email to share your notes and protocols, Google Docs to share handouts or worksheets, and Facebook to share links to educational videos. Not only is this confusing for your client but will drain your time when you have to consolidate all of that into their client record.

As you can see, without a streamlined system to share these resources, both you and your clients will suffer.

Here are some key questions to keep in mind when considering how to share resources with your clients:

  • Are the resources you share housed all in one organized place?
  • Can your clients easily come back to all of the valuable content you provide to them and feel they know where to find everything?
  • Are you sharing resources in a secure way that protects your client’s information?
  • Do you have the ability to share a large amount of information in a consolidated and streamlined fashion?
  • Can you share the same resources with specific groups of clients at one time?

all of this is housed in one secure platform. This allows you to take your client through the journey of working together in a completely organized fashion. From scheduling sessions with automated confirmation and reminder emails, to secure real-time communication via chat or voice memo, as well as sharing resources seamlessly. You can even conduct your telehealth sessions and run your online programs all in one system!

As you continue to take your health practice online, it’s important to think not only about what your needs are today, but what your future needs are to be able to run a successful virtual business. What tools and systems do you require, beyond telehealth sessions, to scale and grow?

Jen shared so many great tips and as you can see, streamlining your business will allow you to save time, help more people, and earn more money.. 

  You can start for free with up to 3 one-on-one clients. If you want to use the online coaching features, you’ll want to sign up for the paid version.

Here’s to your business success!



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