How Precise Positioning Helps You Stand Out from Every Other Health Coach

How Precise Positioning Helps You Stand Out from Every Other Health Coach

One of the questions I hear from health coaches is how can they stand out from every other health coach out there?  Today, I have an awesome expert guest to share a great tip with you. 

 Lisa Simone Richards is a visibility strategist for health and wellness professionals, so I asked her to write an article to help answer this question. 

Here’s Lisa…

The good news: there are tens of thousands of health coaches. Through the work of coaches like you, people can live their best lives, full of vitality.

The bad news: there are tens of thousands of health coaches. While I operate from an abundance mindset, the hard truth is that you’re facing a lot of competition, it’s difficult to stand out, and potential clients have lots of options when it comes to choosing their coach.

This makes finding a way to differentiate yourself more important than ever. If you were to go up to a potential client and describe yourself saying “Hey I’m a health coach!”, that’s not useful. Like we established, there are tens of thousands of other health coaches. However, if you describe yourself saying “I’m a holistic nutritionist who helps vegan, post-partum moms lose their last 20 pounds of baby weight,” you’ve precisely positioned yourself. You’ve clearly communicated the transformation that you offer your ideal client in a way that instantly attracts and magnetizes them toward you. This modern-day version of an elevator pitch is called an ‘Audio Logo’.

A few weeks ago, I got to go to San Diego for a conference about creating your signature talk, and one of the exercises we had to do was introduce ourselves to people using this style of precise positioning that makes the transformation we offer super clear. I can’t begin to tell you how many people couldn’t articulate what they did without an awkward laugh or a convoluted answer. Do you know how much confidence I had investing my money in working with them? None! Having your own Audio Logo will make sure that your potential clients have confidence in you from the start. (If you want to create your own Audio Logo, click here to download the template.)

While honing in very specifically in a niche can seem really scary, after interviewing over 20 health, fitness & wellness entrepreneurs, all of them shared the same advice: focus on serving a very specific client, and not just anyone with a wallet and a pulse.

Kathleen’s Note: If you aren’t sure of your target market, be sure to read this article where I asked 6 experts to break this down so you can get more clarity.

Continuing with the vegan, post-partum mom example – let’s see how lucrative niche-ing down can actually be: there are about 1,000,000 vegans in the USA. Let’s assume that just 5% of them are moms. That’s 50,000 potential clients. Could you even work with 10% of that population, 5,000 of them? Probably not! There are plenty of client opportunities available to you, depending on how you look at it.

When you can precisely position yourself and speak this specifically in your ideal client’s language, it makes them feel like you’re in their head, that you really ‘get’ them, and that ultimately gives them confidence in knowing that they want to work not only with you, but exclusively with you.

Taking the time to figure out how you can set yourself apart is one of the most important (and lucrative) things you can do as a health coach. Take some time this week to brainstorm ideas, and then write your own audio logo so you can practice it over and over again.  You’ll be on your way to attracting more of your ideal clients.

To create your very own Audio Logo, download the template here.

Lisa Simone Richards is a visibility strategist for health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs who want to go from unknown and underpaid to standing out and selling out. She’s here to show you how to get seen, get clients, and get paid and how to get off the hamster wheel of chasing clients and instead magnetically attract them to you at