7 Ways to Market Your Health Coach Holiday Promotion

7 Ways to Market Your Health Coach Holiday Promotion

7 Ways to Market Your Health Coach Holiday Promotion

If you have plans to offer something special for your audience during the holidays, you may be wondering how you can market it to generate sales and help as many people as possible. Well, my friend, I’ve got ya covered!

In a recent post, I covered 7 Health Coach Holiday Promotion Ideas, so if you are working on ideas for something enticing to offer this time of year, you can find that post here.

Something important to note is that you’ll have more success with your promotions when you show up consistently on social media and in people’s inboxes for at least 30 days before you share any paid offers (rather than only showing up when you have something to promote because that doesn’t work well at all – people need to get to know you and trust you first).  Ideally, you want to always be consistent with showing up to share helpful tips, hacks and insights with your followers and subscribers, so they get to see you as a reliable resource they can count on.

Okay, let’s move on to the good stuff…

Here are 7 Ways to Market Your Holiday or New Year Promotion for Your Health Coaching Business

Remember to include how your offer will help them at this particular time of year (what challenges/struggles do you know they will be facing in the coming weeks and how will your program benefit them)?

  1. Email your subscribers to share your special offer (send 5-7 emails over 5-7 days and send at least 2 emails on the last day).
  2. Share about your holiday promotion everywhere you are on social media, including video – livestreams, stories, and Reels
  3. Include static image posts for social media including, testimonials, client success stories, a sneak peek or behind the scenes of your program (a short video tour of the content if it’s an online program)
  4. Host a free workshop and promote your holiday offer at the end
  5. Run a free 5-7-day challenge, and invite attendees to your paid program at the end
  6. Invite your Facebook group members – do a livestream in your group where you showcase how your offer will help them, and open it up for Q and A, so you can address any confusion or objections they may have
  7. Run Facebook ads to your warm audience (your Facebook page followers, for example) if you have at least 1,000 followers, so more of your followers see your post. You can set a budget as low as $10 – 20 a day for this.

And here is one BONUS strategy you can use:

Ask a couple of colleagues (who are in a complimentary space) and/or friends to share the offer with their followers (do this sparingly and don’t ask the same friends over and over again). If applicable, let them know you will be happy to promote something of theirs in the future to return the favor.

You don’t need to us all of these strategies of courses, so choose what makes the most sense for you at this time. Once you have chosen your strategies, map out the the ones you will put into place and set deadlines and a time frame for each one. How long will your special offer or promotion be available for your audience? If you aren’t sure, 5 – 7 days is a general guideline. Keep in mind that most of your sales will come in on the very last day since people often wait until the last minute to purchase.

You’ve got this!  I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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3 Ingredients for a Successful Launch with Chris Ducker

3 Ingredients for a Successful Launch with Chris Ducker

3 Ingredients for a Successful Launch with Chris Ducker

If you’ve heard the term ‘launch’ when it comes to an online business sales strategy, you may have wondered what it is exactly, and if and how you can use it in your business. 

The great news is that a launch strategy doesn’t have to be complicated and it can be used for any promotion you want to do during the year, even if you only offer 1-on-1 coaching. 

Our special guest on the podcast this week is one of our favorite mentors, Chris Ducker, and he’s sharing 3 key tips you want to incorporate to get the best results from your launch.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • 3 key ingredients to include for a successful launch (all 3 are a must)
  • What a launch is and how to use this proven sales strategy in your coaching business even if 1-on-1 coaching is your only offer
  • How to build anticipation for your offer, so you have people ready and excited to join your program
  • What types of bonuses to consider including and which ones to avoid

Tune in to learn Chris’s tips and specific examples of what to do in your first or next launch to make it a success.


The FREE event kicks off on Nov. 8th, and you’re going to learn practical, actionable strategies that work, including how to create a repeatable, scalable system to generate high quality leads, and more importantly, convert them into loyal customers.

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THE ELEVATED ENTREPRENEUR EXPERIENCE – 3 Day Live Online event with Chris Ducker – https://www.healthcoachsolutions.net/chris

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Health Coach Holiday Promotion Ideas

Health Coach Holiday Promotion Ideas

7 Holiday Promotion Ideas to Boost Revenue


Have you been thinking about running a holiday promotion, but you aren’t sure what to offer? It can feel a little confusing, so I have some ideas to share with you to get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing.   

A holiday promotion can be a great way to entice your audience to enroll in one of your programs, while you get a boost in revenue.

People are always on the lookout for sales around the holidays, so this could be a good opportunity to make an offer they can’t resist. Especially with inflation, budgets are a bit tighter, so your audience may jump at the chance to work with you when they see a special offer that speaks to them.

In order for this to be effective, your holiday offer should only be available for a limited time (3-5 days is one option for a time frame).  As you are emailing your subscribers and posting on social media, be sure to mention when the offer ends, so they know it’s time sensitive.  If you offer 1-on-1 coaching, that means they would need to book a discovery call with you and pay for their coaching sessions before the deadline ends.

Here are 7 holiday offer ideas to consider:

  • A paid live online workshop with a holiday theme (low cost – $19 – $29)
  • A pre-sale on your New Year program (with early bird enrollment savings)
  • A reduced rate on your 1-on-1 coaching (you can gear this around getting through the holiday season while staying on track or kicking off the New Year)
  • Get 1 or 2 extra sessions for free when people enroll in your 1-on-1 coaching program (be sure to include the dollar value of this, so people are aware of the value they are receiving)
  • A sale on a short-term (30 days or less) online program such as a detox, reset, jumpstart or other program
  • Savings on a 60-90-day online coaching program (DIY or with your support)
  • Add a special bonus for the holidays that is specific to your niche. A couple of ideas for this bonus could be a virtual cooking class, a live workshop via Zoom where people get to interact with you and ask questions.

You can choose any dates that work for you for this – you don’t have to do a Black Friday promotion.  You can run your special offer any time you want.

Do any ideas come to mind?

Keep it simple.  A holiday promotion doesn’t need to be complicated at all.  The key is to offer a solution to your ideal client’s most common problem, set a time frame for your promotion and start spreading the word.

If you want to wait until after the holidays and do a New Year offer, you can do that too and use the same ideas above (or use another offer idea you may have that I didn’t include).

If you need more ideas, including how to plan out your promotion and what to include, check out episode 71 of The Wellness Business Podcast about the 5-Step Holiday Promotion Blueprint that we did back in 2018 (the same concepts would apply today).

If you want to offer a coaching program but you don’t have time to put one together on your own, check out the SHOP tab for a selection of done-for-you program options.

Let me know if you have plans for a holiday promotion and if you have any questions.

BEST OF: How to Fill Your Coaching Programs Without Selling

BEST OF: How to Fill Your Coaching Programs Without Selling

BEST OF: How to Fill Your Coaching Programs Without Selling

If there is one thing we know that holds many coaches back from filling their programs and getting new clients, it’s fear of selling. This makes sense because they didn’t get sales training during their health coach certification program but selling is an important part of an effective marketing strategy.  What if we could reframe this though, so that you can fill your programs without pushy, spammy sales tactics and use strategies that feel easy and authentic instead?    

We like to bring back popular episodes from time to time, and that’s what we are doing today with one we did a few months ago about How to Fill Coaching Programs Without Selling. 

We’re sharing 3 non-salesy ways to fill your programs, and we are also giving you examples of how to use them: 

  1. Share your story – why are you doing what you’re doing?  Does your journey relate to them based on where you were when you started and where you are now?
  2. Share client success stories – people want to know it has worked for others and it helps lower skepticism. 
  3. What result can you help people get in your program?

If you want to know how to use soft-sell techniques that lead to paying clients, be sure to tune in.

We know from working with thousands of coaches in our courses and done-for-you programs that selling is one thing that most wellness business owners feel very uncomfortable about, so they avoid it as much as possible.  The problem with that is it prevents them from growing their practice. If you aren’t making offers and inviting people to work with you, how are you going to get clients? 

How great would it be to learn and be able to use soft sell techniques that don’t feel like selling that will help you get more clients? Amazing, right?

What we are sharing today is a technique that warms people up to your offer BEFORE you share it that also builds curiosity and interest about your program. When you plant seeds about what’s possible for people, they lean in and want to learn more, and this can lead to more people enrolling in your programs.

You can add this in anywhere really, and it works very well with offers like free challenges, workshop, webinars, etc. but it can also be part of your overall social media strategy and any launch strategy you use for a paid program. 

Yes, there will be some selling involved, but not in the way you may be thinking. The strategies we’re covering will make it feel much easier and more natural, which means you’ll feel more comfortable and confident about it.

Let’s look at strategy #1 – Share your story.

If you are doing a webinar, workshop or challenge, people will relate to you much more when you share your journey. Where did you start and where are you now?  You don’t have to have reached your goal by 100% – you just need to be a bit further along than your ideal client where they can learn from you to speed up their process and results.   

Especially during a challenge, people will relate to you much more when you share your journey -your before, during and after. This is great to do on livestreams if that’s part of your challenge strategy. Where did you start and where are you now? 

Here are some ideas to include: Why did you become a health coach or nutritionist?  Does your journey relate to them based on where you were when you started and where you are now? Be real and not ‘perfect’ and people will connect with you so much more.

Let them know where you have struggled, mistakes you have made and what you have overcome and how you understand what it’s like and that’s why you love helping other people through the same challenge. 

If that doesn’t apply to you, you can share why you love doing what you do, who you help and how it affects people’s lives in a positive way. 

#2 Share client success stories – this is easy to do after you’ve worked with some clients.  One way to use this would be during a challenge, webinar or livestreams and you can say “When I worked with my client Megan, she was able to _______________  (insert benefit here) and she was so excited to be able to _________________ (benefit and how it made her feel). 

Here’s an example of what that could look like when you fill in the blanks: When I worked with my client Megan, she was able to balance her blood sugar in 30 days and she was so excited to be able to eat food she actually enjoyed without feeling deprived or hungry. 

Sprinkle these in because it plants the seed about how you can help THEM too without directly “selling”.  If you’re doing a challenge or webinar, you will be selling at the end, but this warms people up and has them wanting to work with you even BEFORE you promote your program. They are already thinking – maybe he or she can help me too – I want to find out more, so you are drawing them in and it’s building curiosity and demand, but you aren’t even selling yet.   

#3 Mention your program and how it helps people

Plant more seeds along the way by mentioning your program and how it helps people.  You’re doing this before you sell or promote your paid program, so it’s very powerful and under the radar.

An example of this would be something like: “In my Lean and Strong coaching program, I help women over 50 lose weight and gain strength without losing muscle “and a common question I get is _________________________” Then answer the question (or come up with one you THINK will be common).  You planted the seed about your program and what it does and that grabs attention and then you give a brief answer and explain that you go into the answer in much more detail in your coaching program.

Sprinkle these soft sell techniques in where you can because people are watching, listening and observing and it warms them up to the next step, so when they see or hear your offer, they are quicker to make a decision about joining your program.

They will have fewer reservations and be less skeptical too.

Let’s recap the 3 strategies we covered:

#1 – Share your story.

#2 – Share client success stories

#3 – Mention your program and how it helps people

These 3 strategies are PART OF your launch. You will also want to create posts and emails that directly invite people to your program, but they will be warmed up to you and eager to learn more about your offer when you put these examples into place.   

Are any ideas coming to you about how you can use this? It’s easy when you think about it from the standpoint of sharing what you do, why you do it, your own journey, and success stories from your clients – sprinkle these in as you go and include it as part of your overall social media marketing strategy too any time during the year.

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BEST OF: 4 Types of Email Sequences to Increase Sales

BEST OF: 4 Types of Email Sequences to Increase Sales

BEST OF: 4 Types of Email Sequences to Increase Sales

If you want to increase sales for your coaching business, there are 4 types of email sequences you want to include.

We’re bringing back a popular episode that walks you through what they are and how to use them effectively.

You’ll discover:

  • 4 types of email sequences that have been proven to increase program sales
  • How many emails should be included in each email sequence for maximum impact
  • Why including these email sequences 30-60 days prior to your launch will improve your conversion rate
  • Our #1 recommendation to build momentum and excitement for your upcoming sales, (leading to more people enrolling as soon as the doors open)

Tune in to find out how to use email sequences to build momentum, warm up and nurture your audience and make sales.

Knowing how to write an email sequence that actually gets results can feel a little tricky the first few times you write them. Most of us don’t start our online businesses with copywriting experience so we’ll be sharing what each sequence’s purpose is and how many emails we recommend for that sequence.

Okay, let’s dive into the 4 types of email sequences to increase sales.

1. PRE-LAUNCH EMAILS: add value, build authority

In the timeframe of 1-2 months before your launch campaign, we recommend warming up your followers with program specific emails that let them know that something is coming and educates them on the things they need to know to make a purchase decision when the time comes. These emails should nurture your audience and establish your authority by sharing value-adding content with your email list. Be sure to leverage any podcasts, posts or videos you’ve made to share exclusive insights, mindsets or strategies that prove you know how to help solve your ideal client’s problem.

These emails should be sent once per week 4-8 weeks prior to your official launch dates. We call this your Pre-Launch Runway. These emails would be in addition to any regularly scheduled emails that you have going out.

If you want to learn more about how to design a pre-launch runway be sure to listen to episode 172 of The Wellness Business Podcast. It’s called: A Simple and Free Strategy to Increase Interest in Your Programs

2. WAITLIST EMAILS: build momentum, warm your audience

One of the best ways to create momentum and excitement for your upcoming program launch is to create a waitlist. We also recommend that you thank your early-bird audience for being the first to sign up by offering them a digital thank you gift.

That means that you’ll send your waitlist audience a special free download just for registering on your waitlist. This technique has served us very well over the years and gives our waitlist audience the feeling of exclusivity and VIP access to special opportunities that no one else gets.

When the launch gets closer you can begin to build anticipation by letting your waitlist know exactly when your offer will be live, and what bonuses they will receive if they are the first to sign up.

We’ve also given our waitlist members 24-hour advanced notice of the sale link so they can get in on any time-sensitive offers before the sale goes public.

For this email sequence there isn’t a specific number of emails. Depending on how early someone registers for the waitlist they may get as many as 5-7 emails.

3. LEAD MAGNET FOLLOW-UP EMAIL SEQUENCE EMAILS: value add for your ideal client

Any time someone signs up for one of your free downloads make sure to follow up with them with additional emails to educate them on what they need to know to make a buying decision from you. Also, let them know what dates they need to mark in their calendars and any next steps they may need to take.

Karen has a pre-written follow-up email sequence you can download to make this easy, so you don’t have to figure this one out on your own. Grab the 5 done-for-you fill-in-the-blank email templates here.

This email sequence will be different for everyone but on average, it should be 5-7 emails in length. How often you send them is up to you, so you can do daily, every other day or every 3 days.

4. OPEN CART EMAILS: make sales, enroll clients

During the open cart phase or launch phase it’s important to educate your audience as much as possible about your offer/program through testimonials, data from previous client wins, tackling objections, and any live Q&As you’ll be hosting.

This sequence of emails should create urgency by sending multiple emails on the last day of the open cart. Make sure to communicate that the doors are closing, and to address any hesitations or objections your audience may have, encouraging them to reach out to you with their doubts. On the last day we always include a “if you’re on the fence” email to give our subscribers a chance to ask questions.

The number of open cart emails depends on how long your launch campaign is. For a 5-day open cart period we would recommend 7 emails in total. One on days 1-4 and three emails on day 5.

So, there you have it – 4 types of emails sequences to increase sales.  Which ones will you try next?

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