Turbocharge Your Coaching Confidence – Part One

Turbocharge Your Coaching Confidence – Part One

How is your confidence as a health coach?

When I first started out as a new health coach, my confidence level was pretty shaky. I knew I really wanted to be a health coach and I knew I could help people, but it also made me really nervous!  Can you relate?

It’s a big responsibility, and for most of us, it’s something new even if we’ve been in the health and/or fitness field for a while. For those that are brand new, it’s even more of an adjustment.

I recently presented a great training called TurboCharge Your Confidence – 5 Surefire Ways to go From Stuck to Unstoppable.

The response was overwhelmingly positive and I think it really struck a chord with a lot of coaches. You’re definitely not alone if this is something that’s on your mind right now.