Harnessing the Power of Wellness Workshops to Build a Consistent Client Base

Harnessing the Power of Wellness Workshops to Build a Consistent Client Base

Harnessing the Power of Wellness Workshops to Build a Consistent Client Base

Using workshops as a marketing strategy in your wellness business, can work incredibly well when you have all the right pieces in place. When people attend a workshop to learn something from you, some attendees will likely want to take the next step with you to get support.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey as a health coach or you’ve been at it for a while now, chances are you’ve heard people mention that you should build a client funnel. Let’s talk about what that means in the simplest of terms and how to put a funnel in place with your workshops.

Visualize an actual funnel, the top is much bigger than the bottom. In terms of a client funnel, the top is where you’re attracting the most people through social media and your free content. Once they are in your funnel, that pool of people shrinks down as the funnel shrinks as they join your email list and eventually purchase one of your programs.

Paying clients are at the smallest part of the funnel. The truth is you don’t need everyone in the top of your funnel to convert into paying clients. As the funnel gets smaller and smaller you are narrowing down to your warmest leads. Only those that are your perfect dream customers make it to the bottom of the funnel.

In the funnel scenario, wellness workshops actually perform double duty. They are great top-of-funnel tools to attract new people to you and grow your email list. They are also perfect conversion tools, (bottom of funnel), that allow you to make an offer at the end of the workshop so people will enroll in your program. It’s through the combination of these two roles in your client funnel, wellness workshops will help to build your client base.

There are 6 elements to a profitable workshop, and each one helps to move people through a client funnel with you in record time.

Element #1 – Establish

This is where the workshop title will get people interested in you and they’ll register for the upcoming training. When they register, they’ll then become an email subscriber.

Element #2 Enlighten

This actually happens when people watch the workshop. You’ll instantly build a connection with them at the start of the workshop by letting them know they are in the right place and you understand their situation.

Element #3 Educate

This is the heart of your workshop where you’re teaching them new information and sharing your journey or those of your clients, all in an effort to make them feel comfortable and excited to work with you.

Element #4 Entrench

This is when you’ll reaffirm what they’ve learned and connect the dots to why the workshop was worth their time and get them ready for the next step with you.

Element #5 Engage

Engaging your workshop attendees with a Q&A session is the perfect way to eliminate any fears or doubts that they may have in working with you.

Element #6 Enroll

This is when you make an offer and invite them to enroll in your program. In this element, you’ll use benefit statements, testimonials, case studies, and program descriptions to entice your workshop attendees to join your paid program.

Each element in a wellness workshop is a step further in the client funnel with you which leads people to enrolling in your paid program.

Wellness workshops can be used in many ways to build a consistent client base. Let’s go over the top 3.

1) As we discussed, you can use them in a traditional way of promoting the workshop, registering people, and delivering it as an informational and educational training leading to an invitation to work with you.

2) Another way to use workshops in your coaching business to build a client base is to charge a fee, (typically $47 or less), for a 90-minute workshop. The difference between this type of workshop and a free workshop is that there is often group exercises and coaching along the way. This type of workshop can be an excellent stepping stone for someone thinking about working with you but they are nervous to spend a large amount of money. This gives them the opportunity to have a micro-dose of coaching with you that can be all they need to invest in a higher-value program with you.

3) One additional option for using wellness workshops to build your client base is to record the workshop in advance and offer it as an on-demand training to your followers. If you put the recording behind a registration page, it’ll require the person to submit their email address to get access, thereby growing your email list. You can also use the pre-recorded version as a nurturing component in your follow-up email sequence when someone subscribes for one of your other freebies. Either option works well and contributes to the nurturing process of your client’s journey with you.

When you choose wellness workshops as your main client attraction / client conversion tool you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you’ll begin to enroll clients in your programs. Plus, when you choose one workshop from the library of topics I’ve created, you’ll be able to take advantage of the time-saving component of having everything you need right away and will be able to hit the ground running immediately.

To make it as easy as possible to promote and deliver successful workshops, check out about Karen’s done-for-you wellness workshops and SAVE 40% through Nov. 16th, 2023, with code: WELLNESS.

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BEST OF: 3 Benefits to Hosting Monthly Workshops That Will Boost Client Enrollment

BEST OF: 3 Benefits to Hosting Monthly Workshops That Will Boost Client Enrollment

BEST OF: 3 Benefits to Hosting Monthly Workshops That Will Boost Client Enrollment

Wellness workshops are a fantastic way to attract, nurture, and convert your dream customers into paying clients. Today we’re covering 3 benefits to hosting monthly workshops that will boost client enrollment into your paid programs.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why hosting a monthly workshop works so well to boost the know, like and trust factor between you and your email subscribers so that they are moving through their customer journey with you more quickly
  • How leading workshops is the perfect approach to sales that never leaves you feeling salesy or spammy
  • The natural, and free, side-effect of hosting workshops that boosts your overall credibility as a coach leading to even more people enrolling in your paid programs

We often get asked what is the “BEST” way to get clients. As you’ve heard us say so many times on the podcast, there is never one single one ‘BEST’ way to do anything in your business. There are things to consider, such as your personality and style, what has been proven to work in the past, and does the method you’re considering sound interesting and fun for you?

This week on the podcast we’re bringing back a popular episode called: 3 Benefits to Hosting Monthly Workshops That Will Boost Client Enrollment

When Karen started out as a Health Coach, she was constantly trying to figure out which marketing actions would work the best for her. That’s when she discovered and tapped into the power of hosting monthly online workshops. This approach was the perfect combination of client attraction, nurturing, and program enrollment opportunity.

Over the course of 18 months her email list grew from 0-2,000 subscribers. It was evident that she was onto something, and she continued use this strategy for quite some time.

Before we dive into the 3 benefits, let’s first discuss exactly what we mean by a workshop. A high-value 60-minute workshop typically has 7 parts.

  1. Compelling and benefit rich title that will attract your ideal dream clients
  2. Strong introduction that confirms why the attendee showed up and lets them know they are in the right place
  3. 30-40 minutes of high-value teaching information
  4. Solid recap of what they learned to reaffirm that their time was well spent
  5. Transition from teaching to an offer (could be book a call or it could be join my program)
  6. Offer/pitch
  7. Q&A

Now that we are on the same page about what a workshop includes, let’s jump into the benefits to hosting monthly workshops.

1. Build know, like, trust factor

In any good plan you have to learn how to walk before you can run and the same is true for enrolling clients into your paid program. Before they will pull out their credit card to become a paying client you first need to attract them and build the know, like, trust factor with them.

The process of building the know, like, trust factor is another way of saying that you’re moving them along the customer journey with you so that your paid program feels like the next natural step in their journey.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of making the sale and workshops quickly speed up the process of helping someone get to know, like, and trust you.

When you commit to doing just one 60-minute workshop each month you’ll have a constant stream of brand-new people being added to your email list each month. Also, you’ll be inviting the people that are already on your email list to your workshop each month and when they join you month-after-month you’ll be building trust and rapport with them. Over time they will learn that you are a trusted resource and be more open to investing in their transformation by working with you through a paid program.

BEST OF: 3 Benefits to Hosting Monthly Workshops That Will Boost Client Enrollment
2. Opportunity to make offers

The next benefit to hosting a wellness workshop each month is that it gives you an opportunity to make an offer.

Whether your call-to-action at the end of your workshop is to book a discovery call with you or to join your program, it’s the fact that you showed up and spent an hour with your attendees that earned you the right to make an offer.

Many health coaches struggle with selling their programs because they feel like they are either being salesy or pushy. The beauty of hosting a workshop is that neither of those are the case. Here’s why…

When someone registers and attends a workshop that you are hosting they are definitely looking for free information. The promise of a specific outcome or teaching moment outlined in your title is what grabs their attention and gets them to register. But here’s the thing, while you are delivering your workshop there is magic that’s happening with your audience. They are getting to know you, they are becoming invested in the topic you are teaching on, and most importantly they are beginning to see themselves in a different way based on the possibilities you’ve shared during the workshop. By the end of the workshop they want to know what’s next. They are interested in what support and working with you looks like. If you don’t take the time to share with them what their next step is, you are doing them a huge disservice.

A workshop is the perfect tool to build trust but also paint a picture for your attendee of what life for them looks like after enrolling in your paid programs. They are going to be eager to hear what options you have for them which means that you no longer should feel salesy or pushy by making an offer because your workshop attendees are anxious to hear what you have for them.

3. Consistency promotes word of mouth advertising

Consistency breeds momentum and when you show up monthly to host a wellness workshop you’ll find that people start recommending you which means that you’re getting ‘word of mouth’ advertising. This is the third benefit of doing monthly workshops.

Word of mouth advertising is the best kinds because it’s free and comes with a personal recommendation. There is no better type of advertising.

Since many wellness business owners only have a small budget for advertising, hosting workshops is a great way to get more people talking about and recommending you to their friends and family. The only cost to doing workshops is your time and energy which is often the tradeoff before you can allocate more of your marketing funds to paid advertising.

If you’re interested in learning more about Karen’s done-for-you workshops and the 12 topic options available, go to MyWellnessWorkshops.com.

Also, if you’re interested in getting access to a sample workshop to see what the materials and marketing assets actually look like before you invest in one, you can go to KarenPattock.com/workshopsample

Once you request access you’ll be able to check out a mini-version of one of my done-for-you wellness workshops and the marketing materials that are ready and waiting for you.

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Excited about hosting wellness workshops but want to see a sample first? CLICK HERE!

Check out Karen’s library of 15 Done-For-You Wellness Workshops. Everything you need to be up and running in just one hour! CLICK HERE!

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5 Reasons Hosting Wellness Workshops Results in More Paying Clients

5 Reasons Hosting Wellness Workshops Results in More Paying Clients

5 Reasons Hosting Wellness Workshops Results in More Paying Customers

One of the best ways to showcase your expertise, get in front of potential new clients and enroll people into your programs is to host workshops.  This marketing method is so effective because you get to share information that is relevant to your ideal clients and then at the end of the workshop, you share how you can help them reach their goal or solve their top problems that are related to your niche.   

Whether you’re delivering a workshop in person, or you choose to reach more people by hosting an online workshop in a webinar format, they are one of the best ways to showcase your authority, and build trust, even when you’re just starting out. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 5 key factors why workshops work so well to not only attract new leads but also improve your overall enrollment rate above any other marketing tool out there
  • How workshops open doors to new opportunities and income streams simply by showing up consistently to deliver valuable content
  • Why workshops are so powerful in the relationship-building process, resulting in immediate sales and future clients.

Here are 5 Reasons Hosting Wellness Workshops Results in More Paying Clients.

  1. Demonstrate your expertise: By offering a free workshop, you can showcase your knowledge and skills to potential clients. This can help establish you as an authority in your specialty and build trust with potential clients.
  2. Build relationships: A free workshop is an excellent way for potential clients to get to know you and your business without feeling pressured. It also allows the host to deliver a valuable workshop filled with information that they are giving away for free so they’ve earned the right to pitch their paid program without feeling salesy or pushy. This style of learning environment can help build relationships with potential clients that can lead to future coaching opportunities.
  3. Create a buzz: Offering a free workshop can generate excitement and interest in your coaching services, especially when you promote it through social media and letting your email subscribers know.
  4. Upsell opportunities: Once attendees are at your free workshop, you can, and should, offer them additional services or paid programs as the next step after the workshop.
  5. More Income Through Referrals: If attendees have a positive experience at your free workshop, they are more likely to refer others to your coaching business and future workshops. This can help attract new clients and co-hosting opportunities through word of mouth and referrals.

Another example of how this can benefit you and your business is that as you start to become known as a host of valuable workshops you’ll be asked to do them as a paid speaking opportunity which adds another revenue stream to your business.

Using workshops as a year-round marketing strategy can help you enroll clients on a regular basis. 

Have you hosted any workshops yet?

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If you want to make it quick and easy to deliver high-converting workshops, check out Karen’s done-for-you workshops.   

Save 30% on Karen’s Flash Sale on her Wellness Workshops.

Use code SPRING30 for your savings from May 16-18, 2023. 

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How to Use Live Office Hours in Your Facebook Group to Increase Engagement

How to Use Live Office Hours in Your Facebook Group to Increase Engagement

How to Use Live Office Hours in Your Facebook Group to Increase Engagement

If you want a fun and easy way to increase interaction in your Facebook group while you also get a deeper understanding of your ideal clients, hosting live office hours is a great option.

Here are just a few benefits of hosting live office hours in your group:

  1. You get insightful questions from your community which can help you with content ideas, marketing copy, social media posts, and/or program creation, just to name a few. 
  2. You don’t have to come up with a topic for your livestream since you’re answering questions from group members.
  3. You get to interact with your members which increases engagement, and they appreciate it because you are giving a more detailed answer than you could give if you were typing it out.

In this episode, we are covering how to run your live office hours, the best way to ensure you have questions coming in and how to get people showing up while you’re live.

I recently did my very first live office hours in my Health Coach Biz Support Facebook group and I loved it. I had some questions about how to run a life office hours session, so we thought it would be a good episode for the podcast.

In case you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, you can host live office hours in your group which can be a great way to boost interaction.  You can either do this by answering questions by typing your reply or you can make it more fun and engaging by doing it as a livestream which is what I did, and it’s what I recommend you do too.  One of the goals for social media and for your group is for people to connect with you and get to know you, and doing live video is one of the best ways to do that.

Here’s what I love about doing live office hours: 

  • You get insightful questions from your community which can help you with content ideas, marketing copy, social media posts, and/or program creation, just to name a few. 
  • You don’t have to come up with a topic for your livestream since you’re answering questions.
  • You get to interact with your members which increases engagement, and they appreciate it because you are giving a more detailed answer than you could give if you were typing it out.

You may be wondering what to do if you don’t get any questions while you’re live and we are going to cover that too because I have the perfect solution that will eliminate this worry completely. 

It’s really very easy, and it’s just a different format of a livestream where you are doing a live Q and A. You can do this in your Facebook group or your page – it’s totally up to you. If you want it to be more exclusive and/or if you want to make it part of a paid program, do it in your group. You can do this on Instagram too if you want.

Here are the 5 steps:

1. Decide on the day and time of your office hours. You may want to allow up to an hour of your time for this, but you can just list the start time. 

2. Create a graphic in Canva with text that says something like “Live Office Hours” or “Live Q & A” and include your name at the bottom, under your photo so it reads “with Mary Smith”.   Canva has great templates for this that make it easy – just enter “office hours” or “live q and a” in the Canva search bar and you’ll see some templates pop up and you can customize the color and elements on the graphic. You can whip this up in about 2 minutes. 

Below is the graphic I created in Canva to give you an idea. If you type in “Office Hours” or “Live Q and A” you’ll find some templates that are super easy to customize.

3. Create a post in your group or on your page that explains how the office hours will work. Let people know about a week ahead of time to allow time to gather questions.

Here’s what I wrote for my post:

I would love to answer any questions you have about running, marketing or building your wellness business, so here’s how it will work:

Post your question below (be as detailed as possible, so I can give you the best feedback/ideas/suggestions).

I will be here in the group on (date/time) to answer the questions and if you can’t join me live, no problem – you can get my detailed response on the replay.

First priority will be given to the written questions, so be sure to post them below. If time permits, I will be happy to answer questions that are posted while I’m here live.

Hope to see you then.

The key to creating this post is to let people know you will be answering questions about a specific topic, so you can keep your questions to a theme if you choose. This can be helpful especially if you have a specific niche, and you want to keep things on topic. 

This also allows you get to questions ahead of time which is what you want. This will avoid having to worry that you may not have questions when you are on live.  You want to have questions ready to answer to kick off your livestream, so this is the way to do it.  Use the link to the live office hours post when you send your email about it, so people know where to go to post their question. They could also reply to the email if they want, and I gave my subscribers that option as well, so they could ask in whatever way was easiest for them at that time.

Also important is to let people know that first priority will go to those who post their questions ahead of time, so you’re creating a little bit of genuine urgency. If you have a bunch of questions come in while you’re live, you may not be able to answer them all, so letting people know this ahead of time sets expectations. If you can’t answer them all while you are live, you can do a part two when you are able to.

You want to have a PLAN B in case you don’t get any questions and that can be having a couple of common ready if you need them.  These can be common questions you get or questions you think people may have that are related to your topic.  Have 2-3 questions ready to go before you go live. If you don’t get any while you’re live, that’s totally okay because people are going to watch the replay.

4. Spread the word about your office hours.  Post about it in your group, on your other social channels (FB page, IG feed and stories, and anywhere else you are). Also, post a reminder about it 30-60 minutes before you go live and also email your subscribers because people are going to forget, and they appreciate a reminder.  Reminding people will have more of them showing up while you’re live, and that’s one of your goals too. 

5. Have fun with it, and just know that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Test it to see how it goes and if it’s something you enjoy and want to do on a regular basis. I plan to do them most months in my group.

If you have a Facebook group and you are looking for ways to grow it, I have a great free resource for you. It’s a guide called 10 Free Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group. In the guide, I share the strategies Karen and I use all the time to grow our groups and you can put some of them into place very easily right now. 

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5 Types of Free Offers to Grow an Email List Full of Ideal Clients

5 Types of Free Offers to Grow an Email List Full of Ideal Clients

5 Types of Free Offers to Grow an Email List Full of Ideal Clients

If you want to build your email list, you may be wondering what type of free offer to create. Since there are many options to consider, we are narrowing it down to 5 types of freebies you can use to grow an email list full of your ideal clients.

In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • The simplest and easiest type of free offer you can create on your own
  • The best format for testing your freebie title and topic
  • The freebie option that will accelerate your email list growth the fastest

Tune in to discover which type of free offer might be best for you AND your audience right now, so you can start growing your email list now.

As you probably already know, a freebie or lead magnet is something you offer as a way to grow your email list. People sign up to receive your free, must-have valuable resource, and they typically also receive an email follow-up sequence that may lead to booking a discovery call or joining one of your paid programs.  There are all kinds of different freebies, and today we are covering 5 of the most common and most popular.    

Before you decide on the TYPE of freebie you want to create, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind:

  1. The topic and title of your freebie are WAY more important than the format you use (a PDF guide vs. a video series for example) because your free offer should provide a small solution to a problem or struggle you know your ideal clients have. Your audience doesn’t really care how they get the solution – they want it in the easiest way possible in most cases, so keep that in mind.   
  2. Your freebie should directly relate to your paid program and what you offer. So, as you toss around ideas for what to put together, ask yourself if it ties into your coaching program in a logical and seamless way. 

Let’s dive into 5 options for your freebie, so you can decide which one is right for you at this time.   

1. PDF guide or short eBook. 

Let’s start with this option because it’s the easiest format to create. You can use canva.com for this or outsource it to a virtual assistant or find someone on Fiverr.com to do it for you inexpensively.  The goal of any free offer is to have people consume it, so they get value from it and learn a little about what you do and how you may be able to help them. You don’t want to create a free 50-page PDF guide that people likely won’t ever get through, so we recommend 3-10 pages as a range – something easy to read that gives folks a quick win. 

Starting with the simplest freebie format can be a great way to gauge interest in your offer, and then you can add more bells and whistles or tech later if you have a winner.

2. Resource list, checklist or cheat sheet. This would also be a PDF, but it’s usually shorter than a guide or eBook – sometimes just 1-2 pages long, but still high value for your audience. These can be a fun to put together, especially if you have a list of free resources you know your audience will appreciate.  If your niche is gluten free living, you can include your favorite apps, websites, places to shop, etc.  People like quick and easy, so what can you put together that would be a helpful reference? 

3. Recipes for your niche.  If your niche relates to a particular dietary style such as plant based, keto, paleo, etc. a recipe guide can be a good option. If you are trying to make changes to your diet, figuring out what to eat is a struggle for most people, so if you can make it easy for them, they will appreciate it. A free recipe guide could have 20-30 recipes in it – just enough to give people a few to try out.  You can use services like That Clean Life or Meal Garden to put together guides to use as freebies and also use them with your clients as extra goodies. This makes it easy, so you don’t have to create the recipes from scratch.

4. Workshop or video series.  Now, we are getting a little more advanced, but free workshops and/or video series can work well because people get to see you on video, and that means they get to know you and connect with you faster and on a deeper level, which tends to expedite the customer journey. 

The workshop can either be live, delivered in real time on Zoom or it can be pre-recorded.  A video series can be two or more videos and they would be pre-recorded. Both of these options involve more tech, but if you’re ready to dial things up a bit, this could be a good option to test. 

5. Virtual summits.   Taking the tech up another notch would be something like hosting and running a virtual summit. This can be an amazing way to turbo charge your email list growth quickly because you’ll have several speakers on your summit and each of them should be required to email their subscribers and spread the word on social media.  If you had 15 speakers and they each had an email list of 3,000+ people, you would have the potential to get exposure to thousands of new people in a very short period of time. People would need to enter their email address to register for the summit, so you are growing your email list. The benefit to each speaker is that they are getting in front of new people too, and they will usually be allowed to share one of their freebies too, so they can grow their email list too during the summit, so it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Which type of freebies are you most drawn to right now? Take a look at what others are doing to get some ideas and inspiration and then set a due date for when you want to have yours complete and ready to share with your audience.

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