My Process for Troubleshooting a Poorly Performing Facebook Ad

When one of my Facebook ads didn’t work as well as I had expected, I needed to do some troubleshooting to figure out what was wrong. In this episode, I’m sharing what type of ad I was running, what went wrong, and what changes I made.

If you’re running Facebook ads or you plan to run them, this will be a very insightful episode to help you troubleshoot your own ads if they don’t perform as well as you expected.

I’m in the hot seat to share:

  • What type of ad I was running and how I knew it wasn’t working
  • My typical ad budget and conversion costs
  • Even though my lead cost was great, conversions to sales were low
  • What actions I took to correct the problem
  • Stats to be aware of when you run your ads

Facebook ads are an experiment and there are going to be ads that do well and some that don’t do well at all. In this episode, we’re sharing what to look for when your ads are not performing well and how to course correct.

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