How to Troubleshoot Lack of Interest in Your Free Offer

You work hard to put together a great free resource to build authority and grow your email list, and you want to have people signing up for it.  But what do you do when people aren’t opting in for your free offer like you thought they would?

If you’re having this issue right now, just know you are not alone, and we’re going to help you troubleshoot this and turn your freebie into something people can’t wait to get their hands on. 

There are 3 questions you want to ask yourself to troubleshoot lack of interest in your free offer:

1. Is it for a specific niche?

2. What problem does it solve?

3. How are people finding out about it?

You’ll also learn the minimum conversion rate you want to aim for, tips for how to find out what your ideal clients want and how to spread the word about your awesome resource, so you grow your email list faster.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated or disappointed by the conversion rates of your free offers, this episode will give you lots of tips for troubleshooting and improving your offer.

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