When is it Time to Update Your Coaching Programs?

If you’ve been coaching clients for a while, you may be wondering if you need to update your program content or format you’re using for delivering your programs (1-on-1 vs. online group coaching). Truth be told, your programs and offers are always going to be work in progress, so knowing when to update them is helpful. 

Today, we’re sharing 3 examples of when it’s a good time to give your program a refresh.

1. The first way to know it’s a good time to update your program content is when you have new strategies to share.  After you’ve been coaching for a few months and you’re getting experience and learning more, there are going to be times when you have new information and strategies you want your clients to know about. Some of this can be from what you’re learning from your clients as far as what’s working for them and some of it may be from the latest research. Let’s face it – in the health and nutrition space, things are changing all the time.  When you come across helpful information that you think will benefit your clients, help them get results faster or make something easier for them to implement, adding it to your program is a great idea.

We did this when we updated our Wellness Business Accelerator program. We knew there were new strategies we wanted to include, as well as information that would help coaches get results faster, so we made sure to include it in the program, so our students could benefit.

2. The second way you’ll know if it’s time to update your program is when you want to add another coaching format option.  For example, maybe you’ve been doing all 1-on-1 coaching and you want to start offering online group coaching. There are some nuances with your coaching program when you are delivering it as a virtual program for a group of people, vs when it’s just you and your client one-on-one. You may want to create slide decks and narrate them for each topic, so it’s more like a course that your participants go through. You will likely cover the same content, but it will just be in a different format. I did this when I was a health coach – I started out coaching 1-on-1 and then I branched out and did online group programs which I absolutely loved. 

3. The third way to know if It’s time to update your coaching program is if you want to restructure it.  Maybe you’ve been offering a 6-month program, but you’ve decided that two 3-month programs will work better.   Or maybe you plan to keep your 6-month coaching program as your main offer, but you’ll have a 3-month program for those who aren’t ready to commit to 6 months. In this case, you’ll want to decide which topics you’ll cover in the 3-month program. If you’re doing 1-on-1 coaching, it can be more flexible with the topics, but if it will be an online group program, you’ll need to figure that out ahead of time. 

We did something similar when we updated the WBA because we restructured it too.  Previously, it had 16 lessons, which was a lot for coaches to get through, so we streamlined things even more and boiled it down to a 7-step process with 7 lessons, which means quicker implementation and quicker results.  Coaches are loving it, so we’re so happy we made the changes.

We hope this has given you some ideas or inspiration for updating your program when you’re ready.

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