The Ups and Downs of Launching Coaching Programs with Lisa Boehm

If you have ever launched a new program, you know there are plenty of ups and downs. It can be a lot of work and sometimes, the results can fall short of the goals we’ve set. The good news is that each time we launch or promote a paid program, we are receiving data and feedback to help us know how to make changes for the next time.

I do this all the time and I’m always learning and adjusting course as I go. Everyone experiences disappointing launches at some time in their business.

Our guest on The Wellness Business Podcast this week is Lisa Boehm. She recently went all in on her launch and she’s here to share some of the lessons she learned, and what she’ll do differently next time to make her launch more successful.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • A look behind the scenes of a fellow coach’s recent launch including what she spent in Facebook ads, and how much she generated in revenue during her launch
  • Why Lisa felt at times like she was pushing a boulder uphill during her launch and what she did to overcome that feeling and ultimately have great success during her sale
  • Why Lisa believes she lost several sales because and what she’ll do differently next time to fix it
  • Lisa’s top five lessons learned from her last launch and how you can apply them to your next promotion

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to launch a new program or you’re getting ready to re-launch a program, you’ll want to listen in to this episode!

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