Coach With Confidence Video Tutorials

MailerLite and Facebook Group Setup

Setting Up MailerLite

1. Create a Subscriber Group

2. Create an Email Template

3. Setting up the Welcome Email & Add Client to Group

4. Creating and Scheduling Campaigns

Integrating PayPal with MailerLite

1. Overview

2. Create PayPal Link

3. Create a Sales Page

4. Send Welcome Email

5. [Paid_Automated] Send Welcome Email

BONUS – Creating a Thank You Page

Option #2: Integrating SendOwl with MailerLite

1. Introduction to SendOwl

2. Setting up SendOwl

Setting Up Your Facebook Group

1. Create a New Facebook Group

2. Configuring FB Group Settings

3. Creating Rules

4. Welcome Post

5. Facebook Group Units

BONUS: Creating Events to Get More People to Show Up Live

Recording Your Slide Decks

1. Access, Download and Save Slides

2. Record Presentation in Zoom

3. Upload Video to FB Group (or Kajabi/PracticeBetter)

4. Create a Shareable Link for Video

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