2 Ways to Implement A Waitlist Strategy to Increase Sales

If you want to fill your coaching program every time you launch, using a waitlist strategy is the way to go. We’re sharing how you can use this strategy in two different ways in your coaching business; one before your launch and one after your launch is over. We’ve been using a waitlist strategy for years now in our individual businesses as well as for the Wellness Business Accelerator program that we run together, and it has worked really well.

This is a simple strategy that can lead to generating more revenue and helping more people. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The two best options for using a waitlist strategy in your coaching business that increases overall sales each time you launch
  • An easy to implement setup outline that makes implementation a breeze
  • How a waitlist strategy can easily work as part of your prelaunch runway plan to provide even better sales results

Let’s dive in!

This question was actually asked by a coach in my Health Coach Biz Support Facebook group recently and we loved it so much we decided to dedicate an entire episode to this topic. Here’s what she had to say…

I’m wondering how you manage a waitlist. When I launch my program in January it will cap at 20 clients so I anticipate a waitlist. Would I just keep track of that manually, or is there a way during the signup process to automatically shift people past the max number to a waitlist?

This is such a great question and we’re so happy that she asked.

Let’s start with the type of waitlist this coach is asking about which is one where she’ll create a waitlist of people interested in joining her program once her max of 20 clients has been reached. This is a great problem to have, right?

You open the doors to your program and you’ve decided that there is a maximum number of clients that you can work with at one time. In this case her max is 20. But what happens when there are additional people that want to join but you are already maxed out? That’s where a waitlist comes into play.

You’ll simply be able to direct all additional interested clients to a waitlist for your future group registration. When you use this strategy, it would be best if you already have the date of the future group registration already figured out so the people registering for the waitlist are 100% clear what your plan is and how long they’ll have to wait to work with you.

The easiest way to set this up is to create a landing page that will allow each person to add their name and email address to your waitlist. You’ll also want to have a waitlist confirmation email set up in your email management system that will be delivered immediately to congratulate them on being added to the waitlist and that gives them all the details of your future program open date.

To show you how to set this up, Karen has created a free download called The VIP Waitlist Strategy: 2 Ways To Increase Future Sales. This free download will show you examples of waitlist pages and give you examples of confirmation emails that you can customize as your own.

This is a simple, yet effective strategy to secure future clients sooner rather than later for your upcoming group program. I’ve heard of many instances where coaches have 100% filled future programs by using this strategy. The more momentum you get with your program the easier it will be to get people on your waitlist.

Our next example is for a VIP waitlist strategy which will be part of your prelaunch runway plan. Your prelaunch runway strategy is typically the 30 days leading up to your cart open period. It gives you the chance to warm up your audience to what is coming by letting them know when you’ll be opening the doors to your program.

If you want to learn more about how to design a prelaunch runway that warms up your followers to your paid program check out episode 172 of the podcast called: A Simple and Free Strategy to Increase Interest When You Promote Your Programs.

The idea of this type of VIP waitlist strategy is that your followers have the opportunity to raise their hand to say that they are interested in what you’ll be offering soon when you open the doors to your paid program. By doing so, they’ll add their name to your VIP waitlist and by doing so you’re promising to give them advanced notice of when the doors will be opening, special promotions, early bird pricing, etc.

Who doesn’t love to be added to a VIP list of any kind, right?

When you are immersed in your prelaunch strategy, sharing details of your program ahead of time, doing mini trainings, and sending our content specific emails your audience is going to be getting more and more excited. You want to give them an opportunity to do something with that excitement and adding their name to a VIP waitlist is the perfect option.

As with the first waitlist strategy we discussed it’s a quick and easy setup. Simply create a landing page that will allow them to add their name and email address to your VIP waitlist. You’ll also want to have a waitlist confirmation email set up in your email management system that will be delivered immediately to congratulate them on being added to the waitlist.

In addition to the confirmation email, we recommend sending additional contact emails every 7-10 days leading up to your launch sharing program related content.

This can include:

  • Links to blog posts related to your program content
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Pre-program content that will make their desire to enroll in your program an easier YES
  • Behind-the-scenes information of what’s coming in your program

The idea behind the added email content is another way you’ll be building your relationship with your VIP waitlist people immediately before you’re opening the doors to your paid program. The closer they feel to you and believe in your ability to help them reach their health goals the easier it will be to enroll them in your paid program.

Pick one of the waitlist strategies we covered today as a place to start and see what happens with your next launch!

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