Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

Have you been wondering if your website needs a bit of a refresh?

If you look at your website through the eyes of your ideal clients, is the messaging clear and does it immediately give your ideal clients the feeling that they are in the right place?

As you continue to refine your marketing message and who you serve, you may find that your website needs a bit of an update to reflect who you help and what you do. 

That’s exactly what happened recently when Karen did an audit of her website. The messaging and content needed tweaking.

In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, Kathleen picks Karen’s brain to share exactly how she approached her website refresh, including:

  • The main question to ask yourself to determine if your website needs a refresh
  • How to make sure that your marketing message aligns perfectly with your main offer
  • Which website page should take priority over all the other pages
  • The key components to a website homepage that will guide your visitor to take further action while visiting rather than clicking away
  • How to update your “About Me” page so that it does the job of helping your visitor get to know you more quickly
  • What should be included on your programs page that will help empower your ideal clients to make the decision to invest with you, (and the answer isn’t more options)

If you’ve wondered if your website needs a mini makeover to grab your ideal clients’ attention, you’ll want to tune in to this episode!

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