How to Use Workshops to Easily Create Content for an Entire Month

On this episode we’re sharing how the information from one monthly workshop can fill your content calendar for an entire month. If simplifying your content creation is something you’re interested in or if you’re someone who finds it challenging to know what to blog about, create social media content about, and focus your attention on to attract your dream clients, this episode is for you.

In today’s episode you’ll discover:

  • How one monthly workshop can drive your content creation for an entire month
  • A simple method to attract your dream clients that doesn’t rely on social media posts to get their attention
  • How to easily create 4 livestream topics to grow your email list, 4 blog or email topics to warm up your followers, 12 social media posts, and 12 story topic ideas from one great workshop

For the sake of this episode, we’re going to be using one of Karen’s done-for-you wellness workshops as our example. We’re going to share with you how you can use the information from that one workshop to create your content for one entire month, beyond the main purpose, which is a workshop to grow your email list and enroll clients into your paid program.

To be exact, we’ll be showing you how you can repurpose the workshop content into:

  • 4 livestream topics to grow your email list
  • 4 blog or email topics to warm up your followers
  • 12 social media posts
  • 12 story topic ideas

The workshop we’ll be using is the Gluten Free Living Workshop: Discover the symptoms of gluten intolerance and how you can successfully adopt a gluten-free lifestyle, without compromise!

This workshop comes with an 87-page slide deck that is packed with information that you can use for content creation.

Let’s start with 4 livestream topics to grow your email list. These 4 topics can also be turned into blog posts or warm up emails for your subscribers.

Topic #1 – 3 Reasons Why Gluten Can Be Causing Brain Fog, Decreased Energy, and Digestive Disruptions

Topic #2 – 5 Easy Gluten-Free Swaps That Are As Delicious As The Original Without The Digestive Disturbances

Topic #3 – 5 Reasons That Removing Gluten From Your Diet Will Improve Your Life In 30 Days

Topic #4 – The Quickest Way to Know If Gluten Is What’s Causing Your Digestive Problems

Now let’s take this one step further for 12 social media posting and story topics.

#1 – Gluten free swaps

#2 – Symptoms from gluten intolerance

#3 – A simple test you can do yourself to discover if you’re gluten intolerant

#4 – The 3 top unexpected places gluten is hiding in your daily life

#5 – The misconception that removing gluten means removing flavor

#6 – The difference between a gluten sensitivity, intolerance, & true allergy

#7 – The benefits of becoming gluten free

#8 – The conditions that are amplified when consuming gluten

#9 – How to make your home gluten free

#10 – What is gluten and why so many people are intolerant

#11 – Can your gluten intolerance be causing leaky gut

#12 – The top 5 symptoms experienced and how it affects your body

Now that we’ve identified 4 main topics for your livestreams, blogs and emails, plus identified 12 topics for social media posts and stories all designed to warm up your followers and get them excited to register for your monthly workshop. Pretty quick and easy, right?

Let’s go another step further. When you take this approach, you can be assured that the people registering for your workshop will strictly be those that are interested in a gluten-free lifestyle, (or whatever topic you covered during the last 30 days). When your monthly content is a part of your coaching program or the protocol you teach in your business, you’ll be filling your virtual workshop with ONLY the right type of people. That’s a gamechanger when it comes to enrolling people into your paid program.

Do you see how easy it is to take the information from one great workshop and turn it into your daily, weekly, and monthly content in a way that saves time and improves your overall client enrollment conversion rate because you’re getting the right people to attend your workshop?

If you want to check out Karen’s library of done-for-you wellness workshops just go to There you’ll find 15 health and wellness topics to choose from all designed to make growing your email list and enrolling clients into your paid program easier than ever.

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