How to Use Workshops to Get Coaching Clients

If you want to know how to use workshops to get coaching clients, you’re going to love this episode.

When Karen Pattock was a health coach, she built her email list to more than 2,000 ideal client subscribers, booked discovery calls and enrolled clients into her coaching program on a regular basis… all thanks to workshops!

In this episode, we’re sharing the power that workshops can bring to your client attracting strategies even if you don’t have a big email list. All you really need is at least one good workshop!

After listening, you’ll know:

  • Why workshops are such a great client attracting method to grow your email list and consistently enroll new clients in your programs
  • How Karen built her health coaching practice mostly using workshops
  • The 3 main reasons workshops work so great
  • How to create workshops that attract the right clients so you’re building your community of ideal clients

If you’re ready to start building your list with ideal client subscribers and consistently enroll new clients using workshops, this one’s for you!

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