How to Write & Market Your Own Book

If you’ve ever thought about writing your own book, this episode is for you!

Publishing a book is easier now than ever before, but where do you even start? This week, Karen and I talk to Doneane Beckom, a best-selling author and fitness nutrition specialist, who is here to break it all down for us.

As Doneane will reveal, it’s not as hard to write a book as it might seem. The biggest step is just to start! If you have knowledge on a particular topic and a desire to reach a larger proportion of your niche audience, then all you need to do is start writing.

In this episode we talk about…

  • The timeline for writing and publishing a book
  • Using your own personal experiences to find your topics and your voice
  • How to market your book to boost sales and get on the best seller’s list
  • Doneane’s best advice on writing and publishing a book 

Enjoy this week’s episode and let me know if you plan to write a book!  I’d love to hear.

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